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Template Preparation

In a typical Ion OneTouch 2 run, you should expect ~18 mm drop in the level of oil in the tube (~22 mL consumed), and ~13 mm drop in the recovery solution (~15 mL consumed). During cleaning, you should expect to collect ~10 mL of oil in the 50 mL conical waste collection tube.

The pressure inside the instrument may be above normal. If the Ion OneTouch 2 firmware is older than v540, please update it to the latest version.

It may be rubber from the packing. The amount varies among instruments and it is not anything to be concerned about, as it will be removed by the Ion OneTouch ES.

The time remaining readout is not entirely accurate. The centrifuge may keep rotating for about 15 minutes after the time has become 0:00. If it rotates for more than 15 minutes, please contact Technical Support.

Ion Chef System

The Ion Chef robot arm may need recalibration. Please call 1-87-SEQUENCE to open a service call.

Please ensure that you are using the universal chip bucket. Universal chip buckets have an etching on the corners indicating the chip barcode position. If you do not have the universal chip bucket, please call technical support at 1-87-SEQUENCE.