About us

About Us

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Improved Patient Outcomes

As a brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific, One Lambda is committed to defining a new standard of care in pre-transplant screening, post-transplant monitoring, transfusion, and companion diagnostics. We develop and produce a comprehensive line of HLA typing, antibody detection, blood testing products and laboratory instrumentation. Aided by all-inclusive software, our cutting edge HLA tests simplify, manage, and report test results—enabling laboratory professionals, clinicians, and researchers to improve the lives of patients and their families.

The global presence and extensive customer channel network established by Thermo Fisher Scientific have enhanced our ability to distribute our products to laboratories worldwide. Our products provide a turn key solution for all HLA labs and transplant clinical teams who are seeking innovative, reliable diagnostic tools.

Together we can give transplant patients a chance to soar.

Our Commitment to the Community

From our inception in 1984, Dr. Paul Terasaki, a preeminent researcher in the field of transplantation, was determined to have One Lambda always be at the forefront of transplant diagnostics. One mission from the start: advancing transplant diagnostics to enable our customers to improve the quality of life of transplant patients worldwide. We maintain our focus by consistently driving innovation, delivering quality products, and supporting our community.

Our desire to help our customers improve the lives of transplant patients and their families extends beyond the HLA lab and transplant clinic. We volunteer our time and resources and invest in our community and partner with organizations that share our commitment:

Patient Advocacy

We work through our U.S.-based and global network to engage with regional and international patient advocacy groups, organ procurement organizations, and health education groups to help fulfill the needs of recipients and living donors, and to honor the donor families who give the gift of life.

Be the Match – We're a proud partner this organization that tirelessly supports the stem cell transplant community. Check out the latest update on their incredible accomplishments in 2020, including the registration of over 325,000 potential donors! 

Diversity and Inclusion

We support the needs of multicultural communities by advocating for improved equity in access to transplantation, particularly through living donation, education, and the development of infrastructure and resources in under-served regions.

Kidneys Quest Foundation – We're proud to support this grassroots organization, with satellite locations around the nation, that is focused on designing and deploying creative programs to meet the unique needs of patients in underserved communities.