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Fast SYBR™ Green Master Mix

Catalog number:  4385610

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PCR & Real-Time PCR

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Fast SYBR® Green Master Mix Real-Time PCR Master Mix Designed for Speed Obtain a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution for your real-time PCR applications without compromising sensitivity, specificity, dynamic range, or PCR efficiency.
• Fast—Real-time PCR results in as fast as 35 minutes
• Sensitive—Detect very low copies of target
• Specific—Minimize primer-dimer and non-specific amplification
• Reproducible—Consistent amplification across a wide dynamic range Fast SYBR® Green Master Mix contains all of the components, excluding the template and primers, in a convenient 2X master mix. It includes the following components in an optimized buffer:
• AmpliTaq® Fast DNA Polymerase, UP, a highly purified DNA polymerase designed to allow instant hot start, minimizing non-specific product formation and enabling reactions to be set up at room temperature
• SYBR® Green I dye to enable detection of double-stranded DNA
• Deoxynucleotides (dNTPs) to help maintain optimal PCR results
• Uracil-DNA Glycosylase (UDG) designed to reduce carryover contamination
• Passive internal reference based on proprietary ROX™ dye to enable increased precision

Alternative product
Try PowerUp SYBR Green Master Mix, our newest, high-performance, SYBR dye-based master mix for superior performance at a very competitive price. With PowerUp SYBR Green Master Mix, we’ve taken the best of Fast SYBR Green Master Mix and added additional capabilities for your gene expression analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Label or Dye: SYBR® Green
Passive Reference Dye: ROX (Pre-mixed)
Polymerase: AmpliTaq® Fast DNA Polymerase, AmpliTaq® Fast UP
Primer Probe Compatibility: Unlabeled Oligos
Product Line: SYBR®
Purity or Quality Grade: UP (Ultra Pure)
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Detection Method: SYBR
For Use With (Equipment): 7500 Fast System, 7900HT Fast System, StepOne™, Fast Mode, StepOnePlus™, Fast Mode
PCR Method: qPCR
Reaction Speed: Fast
Quantity: 1 x 1mL
Sample Type: DNA (Genomic), cDNA

Contents & storage

1 x 1 mL vial. The 2X mix contains SYBR® Green 1 Dye, AmpliTaq Gold® Fast DNA Polymerase LD, dNTPs with dUTP⁄dTTP blend, Passive Reference 1 and optimized buffer components. 100 reactions in a 20 µL total volume. Store at -5 to -30°C.

Guaranteed minimum shelf life is 60 days (exact expiry date printed on product and CofA).