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UltraLink™ Biosupport

Catalog number:  53110

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Protein Purification & Isolation

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Thermo Scientific UltraLink Biosupport is a durable, azlactone-activated, beaded-polyacrylamide resin to covalently immobilize proteins and other primary amine biomolecules for preparation of affinity purification columns.

Features of UltraLink Biosupport:

High coupling efficiency and capacity—immobilizes proteins with very high efficiency and coupling capacity in 1 hour
Specific and leak-proof coupling chemistry—reacts specifically with primary amines (-NH2), resulting in amide bonds that are stable for use in many affinity purification procedures; coupling reaction has no leaving group to contaminate samples
Easy to use—no pre-swelling or secondary reagents required; simply weigh the needed amount of dry support and add the ligand solution to initiate coupling reaction
Flexible coupling conditions—perform immobilization reaction in any of a variety of non-amine buffers and pH levels; coupling is most efficient in buffers containing a lyotropic salt such as sodium citrate; coupling compatible with or without organic solvent
Excellent reusability—prepared affinity resin can be used with typical binding and elution procedures for over 100 cycles of affnity purification without significant loss of binding capacity
Durable, high-performance resin—porous beads have a 60 µM diameter, can withstand 100 psi (6.9 bar) and allow for linear flow-through rates of 3000 cm/hour

UltraLink Biosupport is an alternative to CNBr- and NHS-activated agarose resins for immobilizing antibodies and other proteins to prepare affinity columns. The beaded resin is a hydrophilic copolymer of polyacrylamide and azlactone having a rigid polymeric structure with high surface area and pore volume. The azlactone groups react rapidly and efficiently with primary amines (e.g., side chain of lysine residues) to covalently immobilize protein or other amine-containing ligands. The bead structure and efficient coupling chemistry of UltraLink Biosupport results in high protein binding capacity, high linear flow rates, low nonspecific binding and overall superior performance in affinity chromatography. UltraLink Resins are ideal for medium pressure applications such as FPLC.

Properties of UltraLink Biosupport:
Alternate names: 3M Emphaze Biosupport Medium AB1
Matrix: Polyacrylamide/azlactone copolymer
Particle size: 50 to 80 µM diameter
Maximum pressure: 100 psi (6.9 bar)
Maximum linear flow rate: 3000 cm/hour
Coupling capacity: at least 18 mg of myoglobin per mL of settled resin
Leaving group in coupling reaction: None
Bond formed: Amide bond
Spacer arm: 5 atoms

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Column Type: UltraLink™ Resin, Affinity
Product Line: UltraLink™
Format: Bottle(s)
Stationary Phase: Azlactone
Quantity: 1.25g

Contents & storage

Storage: Upon receipt store product at 4°C with desiccant. Product is shipped at ambient temperature