Ion Torrent™

Oncomine™ TCR Beta-LR Assay GX

Catalog number: A46297
Ion Torrent™

Oncomine™ TCR Beta-LR Assay GX

Catalog number: A46297
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A4629732 samples
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The Oncomine TCR Beta-LR Assay GX is designed to measure T cell diversity and clonal expansion by sequencing T-cell receptor beta chain rearrangements. The assay kit provides single-pool multiplex panel library reagents to perform up to 32 sequencing reactions. The assay is optimized for long-read sequencing on the Ion Torrent Genexus Integrated Sequencer using the Ion Torrent Genexus GX5 Chip. The Genexus Integrated Sequencer performs library preparation, sequencing, analysis, and reporting in an automated workflow that delivers results in a single day. The multi-lane sequencing chip is designed to enable cost-effective processing of libraries.

The assay is designed to efficiently capture all three complementarity-determining regions of the TCR beta chain (CDR1, CDR2, CDR3) with high accuracy. Key applications include predictive or prognostic biomarker discovery, T-cell characterization, and identification of variable gene polymorphisms. The identification of rare and abundant clones can be achieved with a flexible RNA input amount of 10 ng (minimum) up to 1 µg. The use of RNA template allows sequencing of productive and relevant variable (V), diversity (D), and joining (J) rearrangements—which enables the identification of rare clones.

The Oncomine TCR Beta-LR Assay GX supports the following features:
• Long-read RNA sequencing covering the TCR beta chain
• Detection of clones over a wide dynamic range
• Efficient workflow with 24-hr sample-to-result time
• Flexible input requirements of 10 ng to 1 µg RNA
• Compatible with fresh-frozen tissue, whole blood, and sorted cells
• Streamlined and user-friendly informatics solution with multi-sample analysis functionality

Why are immunologists and immuno-oncologists interested in T cell repertoire sequencing research?
• To characterize diversity and monitor features of T lymphocytes in blood and infiltrated tumors
• To identify variable gene polymorphisms implicated in autoimmune disease or immune-mediated adverse events
• To optimize the manufacture and function of therapeutic or engineered T cells

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Sample Type
Sequencing Type
Transcriptome Sequencing
For Use With (Equipment)
Ion Torrent Genexus Sequencer
For Use With (Application)
Targeted Sequencing Library
Product Line
Product Type
TCR Beta-LR Assay GX
Shipping Condition
Approved for shipment on Wet or Dry Ice
Workflow Step
Library Generation

Contents & Storage

• A40282 Oncomine TCR Beta-LR Assay GX, store at -10°C to -30°C
• A40254 Ion Torrent Genexus Strip 1, store at 2–8°C
• A40253 Ion Torrent Genexus Strip 2-AS, store at -10°C to -30°C


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