Human MATE1 (G) SLC Transporter Cells

Catalog number:  GM1114G

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TRANSiPORT Human MATE1 (G) SLC Transporter Cells are HEK293 cells that transiently overexpress the OATP2B1 solute carrier (SLC) transport protein. Solute carriers are a super-family of membrane transporters that can affect pharmacokinetics and drug exposure by governing the transport of solutes in and out of cells. TheMATE1 SLC transporter protein is found in hepatocytes.

• Assess potential for transporter-mediated drug metabolism
• Easy-to-use format
• Obtain high-quality results with a large signal-to-noise ratio

Choice of measurement system
Cell-based assays can be performed using radioisotope-labeled compounds, fluorescence-labeled compounds, or non-labeled compounds. The amount of substrate transported into the cells can be measured directly using a liquid scintillation counter, fluorescence plate reader, or LC-MS/MS, thereby allowing direct evaluation of SLC transporter activity.

Assay reliability
Mock (G) SLC Transporter Cells (Cat. No. GM1101G) that do not overexpress the SLC transporter are available for use as a negative experimental control. Some compounds may demonstrate high background levels of transport due to the presence of endogenous transporters or non-specific binding.

Rapid results
The convenient product format enables data generation in two days from thawing of the cells to final results.

For Research Use  Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Species: Human
Cell Type: HEK293

Contents & storage

Store in liquid nitrogen vapor phase.