InstantOne ELISA Cell Lysis Buffer (5X)

Catalog number:  IOCLB1

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Cell Lysis Buffer (5X) is included in the InstantOne ELISA kits. The solution is offered individually as some lab protocols require addition buffers.
Cell Lysis Buffer(5X) is used along with Enhancer Solution (Cat. No. IOES1) to make the Cell Lysis mixed used in the InstantOne phospho ELISA kits. The Cell Lysis Buffer (5X) contains a combination of detergents, phosphatase inhibitors, salts, and buffers. The Cell Lysis Buffer (5X) is supplemented with Enhancer Solution to yield a versatile Cell Lysis Mix that can be applied to many cells and tissues. Please note the difference in names. Cell Lysis Mix is referred to heavily in the InstantOne phospho ELISA assay protocol.
A. The Cell Lysis Mix (5X) is used to lyse cells in the presence of culture medium and is typically used to lyse non-adherent cells.
B. The 1X Cell Lysis Mix is prepared by simply diluting Cell Lysis Mix (5X) (a mixture of the Cell Lysis Buffer (5X) and the Enhancer Solution) 5-fold with water. This buffer is used to lyse cells after the removal of culture medium, and is typically used to lyse adherent cells or non-adherent cells that have been harvested by centrifugation. Lysis Mix should be used as the diluent for any dilution of cellular lysates that are required.
NOTE: *Supplementing Cell Lysis Mix with extra components (e.g. protease inhibitors, chelating agents, detergents) should be tested on a case-by-case basis for compatibility with InstantOne ELISA assays.

Reported Application

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Form: Liquid
Product Size: 100 mL
Reagent Type: Cell Lysis Buffer
Validated Application: ELISA