Novex™ Tricine SDS Running Buffer (10X)

Catalog number:  LC1675

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Protein Electrophoresis & Western Blotting

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Novex Tricine SDS Running Buffer (2X) is formulated for separation of proteins in their denatured state on tricine gels. Tricine gels are specifically designed for the resolution of low molecular weight proteins. In this buffer system, tricine substitutes glycine in the running buffer, resulting in more efficient stacking and destacking of low molecular weight proteins and higher resolution of smaller peptides.

Recommended buffers: Use with tricine sample buffer to obtain optimal separation with tricine SDS running buffer.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Chemical Name or Material: Sample Loading Buffers
Concentration: 10 X
Gel Compatibility: Novex™ Tricine Gels
Gel Type: SDS PAGE Gel
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Product Line: Novex™

Contents & storage

Tricine SDS Running buffer (2X) containing 0.1% sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), Tris Base, Tricine at pH 8.3