SureLock™ Tandem Midi Gel Tank Replacement Cassette Clamp

Catalog number:  STM1004

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This cassette clamp is a replacement part for the SureLock Tandem Midi Gel Tank. The clamp locks and seals the gel cassette within the Gel Runner Tank. The clamp consists of a cam plate and two independently moving cam handles.

About the SureLock Tandem Midi Gel Tank
The SureLock Tandem Midi Gel Tank provides for rapid electrophoresis of midi gels using minimal buffer (~520 mL/gel) in a leak-free system. With a set-up time of ~30 seconds, the tank efficiently runs midi gels while also providing consistent performance. The tank features two independent chambers, allowing electrophoresis of one or two gels at a time, which saves on buffer and limits waste. The tank is compatible with all Invitrogen pre-cast midi gels and midi gel cassettes.
For Research Use  Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Quantity: 1
Warranty: 1 year
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature