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As you move your translational stem cell, tissue engineering, and immunotherapy research toward the clinic, your product selection, lab process, documentation, and quality assurance steps become more demanding. This collection of resources will help you gain a better understanding of cell therapy research, feel confident at every step, and maximize your time, effort, and outcomes.

Featured videos

Enabling hope for cancer patients through CAR-T cell therapy and Dynabeads technology

Nicole Gularte was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After participating in multiple clinical trials, she qualified for a new clinical trial utilizing CAR-T cell therapy, which uses Thermo Fisher’s Gibco CTS Dynabeads technology.

CTS Mini-documentary series

In this 7-part series, hear from four experts with backgrounds in stem cell therapy and immunotherapy research, cell therapy manufacturing, and clinical development on their unique perspectives on the opportunities and challenges facing the cell therapy industry.

Webinar: New viral and non-viral platforms for T-cell engineering

In this webinar, we will highlight the different viral and non-viral delivery approaches used in T cell engineering for cell and gene therapy applications including LV-MAX Lentiviral Production System and novel gene editing tools for primary T cells.

Webinar: Comparison of the Teratoma assay and in vitro surrogate tests for assessment of pluripotency of human pluripotent stem cells

For optimal use of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) it is essential to identify lines that are fully reprogrammed and of high quality with proven pluripotency in terms of differentiation. This presentation will compare different solutions for the assessment of that pluripotency.

Featured interview

interview with Xavier de Mollerat du Jeu Director of R&D for Cell Biology and Transfection at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Calley Hirsch CCRM

Interview: Addressing the Challenges of Commercial-Scale Manufacture of Viral Vectors for CAR-T Therapies 

In this interview with Xavier de Mollerat du Jeu, Director of R&D for Cell Biology and Transfection at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Calley Hirsch, CCRM, we learn about the critical importance of scalable viral vector manufacture to support the commercial-scale production of CAR-T therapies. They express challenges and limitations with current CAR-T manufacturing processes. Both speakers end with sharing their thoughts on new technologies and tools in development to specifically address viral vector supply issues.

Cell therapy products for T cell, MSC, PSC, NSC, and HSC

One aspect of successfully transitioning your cell therapy to the clinic involves the careful selection of products from a reliable supplier. Based on your starting cell type (T cells, MSCs, PSCs, NSCs, or HSCs), our interactive product selection tool will help you identify reagents, services, and support that can scale with you from discovery to commercialization.

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Application Note One Step Isolation and Activation with Dynabeads Cell Therapy 
Brochure Advanced therapy brochure 
Brochure Cell therapy selection guide 
Brochure Cell therapy solutions brochure 
Brochure Cell therapy systems (CTS): Products to help you move your research toward the clinic 
Brochure Gibco StemPro HSC Medium Flyer 
Brochure Immunotherapy brochure 
Brochure Immuno-oncology brochure 
Brochure Lentiviral production capabilities brochure 
Brochure Mesenchymal stem cell resource guide
Brochure PSC Handbook
Brochure Pluripotent stem cell products and services guidebook 
FAQ Cell therapy systems (CTS) frequently asked questions 
FAQ CTS clinical/commercial use frequently asked questions
FAQ CTS immune cell SR for serum free culture and expansion of human T cells 
FAQ Ex vivo expansion of human T cells for adoptive immunotherapy using the novel xeno-free CTS immune cell serum replacement 
Handbook Pluripotent stem cell handbook
Literature Case study: Reducing cost within advanced therapy clinical trials 
Literature eBook: Cell therapy logistics beyond the basics 
Literature eBook: QP essentials: EU gateway to clinical and commercial distribution of cell therapeutics 
Literature eBook: Commercially successful cell therapies: Navigating the ultra cold chain distribution minefield 
Poster A Sendai viral reprogramming kit for completely xeno-free generation of iPSC 
Poster Large scale serum free suspension lentiviral production system for gene therapy application 
Publication A rapid cell expansion process for production of engineered autologous CAR-T cell therapies 
Roundtable Immuno-oncology 2.0 Roundtable 
Webinar Prepare for success: GMP cell banks as part of a staged, standardized, platform-style cell production process 
Webinar GMP Ancillary Materials for Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing: What to consider and when to switch
Webinar CTS Essential 8 Medium: Transition your PSC research to the clinic with confidence
Webinar Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions: Enabling PSC Translation Workflows 
Webinar Physiological Oxygen: Historical and Molecular Perspective for Stem Cell Culture 
Webinar Thermo Fisher Scientific cell therapy capabilities 
Webinar Improved T cell function and in vivo engraftment of CAR-T cells 
Webinar Comparison of the Teratoma assay and in vitro surrogate tests for assessment of pluripotency of human pluripotent stem cells 
Webinar Comprehensive characterization of pluripotent stem cells 
Webinar Optimizing advanced therapy supply chain design to ensure commercial success 
Webinar Cell therapy: Achieving success on the road to commercialization 
Webinar Comparison of the Teratoma assay and in vitro surrogate tests for assessment of pluripotency of human pluripotent stem cells 
Webinar New viral and non-viral platforms for T-cell engineering 
Webinar Transitioning to the clinic from proof of concept research 
Webinar Evaluation of Poros AAVX Pan-Affinity Resin for rAAV purification and cGMP Manufacturing 
Whitepaper Manufacturing Pluripotent Cell Therapeutics
Video Translating cell therapy research into clinical success: A Gibco CTS mini-documentary series 
Video Eliminate serum to gain control of your T cell research – New xeno-free serum replacement 

Cell Therapy Systems Products

Cell therapy systems (CTS) products

The CTS product line is designed for use in cell therapy research applications and includes media, reagents, growth factors, enzymes, selection beads, and devices, which are manufactured in compliance with 21 CFR Part 820 Quality System Regulation and/or are certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

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Intended use of the products mentioned on this page vary. For specific intended use statements please refer to the product label.