Cell & Gene Therapy Learning Center

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Cell therapy

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our goal is to support you from initial discovery through clinical trials to commercially viable cell therapies. Here, you can find resources for a broad range of techniques and application notes, gain a better understanding of cell therapies, or learn about meeting the demanding needs of clinical research.

Autologous CAR T cell manufacturing using a semiautomatic, closed, modular workflow

Learn how you can integrate complex workflows to improve the consistency, purity, and safety of your CAR T-cell product.

The digital revolution: enabling automation in cell therapy manufacturing

See how a fully automated, digitally connected cell therapy manufacturing process can improve final product quality and reduce manufacturing failure rates.

Considerations for cell therapy development and manufacturing

A review of the latest methodologies, common practices, resources, applications and more, to support every step of your cell therapy manufacturing workflow.

Gene therapy

Whether you would like to find out more about new genetic engineering tools or are looking for regulatory guidance, connect to our many resources about gene therapies. From innovative solutions to studies, webinars, and application notes, our extensive library can help you accelerate your knowledge and advance your skills.

Gene therapy roadmap

Download this infographic and explore a suite of scalable and robust solutions for all stages of the gene therapy workflow, from development through to commercialization.

Scalable AAV manufacturing— addressing challenges across the workflow

Watch this webinar and explore upstream and downstream solutions across the AAV production workflows.

Gene therapy: from set-up to scale-up

Discover how we can connect you to flexible, scalable solutions in support of swift and safe development of you gene therapies. Read our gene therapy brochure.