As new ways of delivering healthy genetic material to target cells are found, the potential to treat and prevent genetic diseases is extraordinary. Connect to our resource library to accelerate your gene therapy knowledge.


Overcoming upstream and downstream process barriers for large-scale AAV production

Learn how Encoded Therapeutics accelerated its AAV manufacturing process leveraging new gene therapy products and technologies from Thermo Fisher Scientific. 




Regulatory requirements for viral vector production platforms

In this webinar, speakers Scott Cross from Dark Horse Consulting Group, and Thermo Fisher's Shikha Mishra share their thoughts on regulatory compliance throughout the therapeutic development lifecycle and advise on best practices for producing high-quality viral vectors at scale.


Innovations in gene therapy—building the complete solution for viral vector production

In this webinar, we discuss the broad range of products and technologies available today, as well as how make informed decisions on building complete workflows for viral vector production.



Combining state-of-the-art production, purification and analytics to optimize AAV manufacturing

Discover how to meet rapidly growing demand for AAV vector from both technology development and manufacturing strategy viewpoints, and more.



Decentralized manufacturing: enabling scalable and cost effective point of care for cell and gene therapies

Tune into this webinar and learn all about the drivers and challenges of decentralized manufacturing from industry leaders.


Scalable AAV manufacturing—addressing challenges across the workflow

Watch this webinar and explore upstream and downstream solutions across the AAV production workflows.

AAV downstream processing for industrial scale production – moving towards commercial manufacturing

This webinar features REGENXBIO and viral clearance data using Thermo Fisher Scientific’s POROS CaptureSelect AAVX affinity resin, as well as an overview on AAV production.

Viral vector production process intensification: analytics, automation, in-line testing, and more

Panelists from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Catapult, Affinia, SioGene, and Ultragenyx discuss process intensification with a wide variety of topics regarding vector manufacturing.


Regulatory pathways for CGT and ATMP products

Navigate the regulatory landscape and get your viral vector product to market faster with Thermo Fisher Scientific.


The future of gene therapy

Download our infographic to learn about the development of gene therapies, successes & challenges in gene therapy research, and things to consider through each stage of the workflow.

Accelerate your AAV Gene Therapy

Download our infographic to learn about how analytical solutions such as accurate measurement, mass confirmation, and characterization can help accelerate your AAV gene therapy.

Gene therapy roadmap

Download this infographic and explore a suite of scalable and robust solutions for all stages of the gene therapy workflow, from development through to commercialization.




Gene Therapy: From set-up to scale-up

Producing safe, effective, and reproducible gene therapies can be more complicated than meets the eye. We will work with you as your reliable, full-service partner at every phase.

Your cell and gene therapy journey from discovery to commercialization

Find out how Thermo Fisher Scientific can connect you to cell and gene therapy products, services and solutions to help you progress.

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Blog articles

Technology transfer processes for viral vector commercialization

Learn about the key tech transfer documentation deliverables you need for the commercialization of viral vector products.


Best practices in process validation lifecycle for viral vector commercialization

Learn about the best practices of each stage of the process validation lifecycle for the commercialization of viral vector products.

Optimizing AAV manufacturing for clinical and commercial gene therapies

In this blog article, learn how we are supporting the rapidly growing demand for AAV vectors, from both technology development and AAV manufacturing strategy viewpoints.

Advancing cell and gene therapy development beyond COVID-19 pandemic

Read about the innovations in cell and gene therapy manufacturing that were brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in part two of this blog series.

Driving cell and gene therapy development during COVID-19 pandemic

Read about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cell and gene therapy development in part one of this blog series.

Viral clearance in a downstream AAV process: case study

Discover how to reduce impurities while maintaining the highest yield in process development and manufacturing for viral vectors.

The importance of controlling the rate of freezing

Discoveries in gene and cell therapies are happening every day. Learn how to achieve seamless transitions from the discovery to the production phase by using a controlled-rate freezer.

Laboratory equipment’s role in transitioning from research to GMP

New GMP-focused laboratory solutions are easing the transition from cell and gene therapy research to GMP production.

Remote monitoring & connectivity boost efficiency & compliance

Learn how real-time supervision of critical laboratory equipment parameters can boost laboratory efficiency and productivity by reducing sample failures.

Is your biosafety cabinet a weak link?

Learn how an electronically monitored BSC can provide a strong link in the aseptic processing chain, maintaining safety and quality, and simplifying the compliance process.

What does cGMP “coming of age” look like?

Researchers face enormous pressure in maintaining their adherence to cGMP standards. Discover how Thermo Fisher Scientific focuses on simplifying cGMP compliance.

Getting a gene therapy product to market: Pitfalls and how to prevent them

In this article, specialists from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Homology Medicines Inc, and Viralgen discuss the many challenges associated with bringing a gene therapy product to market.

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