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Elemental mapping software

Thermo Scientific Phenom Elemental Mapping Software is an option within the elemental identification (EID) software package that comes default with the Phenom EDX solution. Elemental mapping reveals the distribution of chemical elements within the sample. Elements previously selected for spot analysis can be mapped at a user-specified pixel resolution and acquisition time. The real-time mapping algorithm shows the live build-up of the selected element maps while storing the spectra of each pixel. This allows elements to be shown or hidden at any time during or after the mapping process.

Furthermore, overlapping signals are properly deconvoluted even for large area maps. This means that all overlapping signals will appear as different signals in the elemental map. The major advantage of this approach is that the elemental composition of an area can be measured very accurately without compromising on speed. Therefore, we can run the analysis on all pixels and we do not need to use binning strategies that combine pixels, so that the highest EDS resolution remains possible.

Mapping can be done on the image as a whole or on a selected area. Next to mapping, there is a line scan function that allows analysis over a selected line.

Elemental Mapping Software offers you the option to select each of the following: number of points, dwell time per point, and number of passes. On top of that, the results can be easily exported and reported via an automated template.

Key Features

Click and go

Elemental mapping and line scan functionality are just a click away for the Thermo Scientific Phenom Desktop SEM range.

Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable information on the distribution of elements within the sample or the selected line.

Easily exported

All results of the elemental mapping and line scan functionality can be easily exported by using an automated report template.


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  • Element selection
  • > 10 individual user-specified maps, plus backscatter image and mix-image
  • Backscatter image and mix-range
  • Selected area
  • Mapping resolution range
  • Pixel dwell time range
  • Any size, rectangular
  • 32 x 32 - 960 x 960 pixels
  • 1 - 500 ms
  • Line Scan
  • Line scan resolution range
  • Points dwell time range
  • Total number of lines
  • 16 - 512 pixels
  • 50 - 250 ms
  • 12
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Thermo Scientific Phenom Elemental Mapping Software

Thermo Scientific Phenom Elemental Mapping Software

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