Accelerate and Advance for Materials Science FIB SEM

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we know groundbreaking research and analysis demand excellence and exactness from each aspect of your workflow. No matter your area of focus, we understand that executing process controls and failure analysis and pursuing a variety of research endeavors require support specifically oriented to your projected outcomes.

A comprehensive workflow needs comprehensive support across the lifetime of your instrument. During the warranty and post-warranty periods, the Accelerate and Advance offerings for Materials Science Small DualBeam, including PFIB systems, can help you improve the speed and reliability of your workflow, optimize the overall performance of your small DualBeam system, and achieve faster time to data.

  • Improve predictable service events with remote system monitoring
  • Increase user efficiency with lamella preparation and workflow training
  • Improve system utilization with quarterly reviews
  • Consistent system maintenance with preventative and corrective services
  • Fast on-site response time
  • Optional uptime commitment

Accelerate and Advance services for Materials Science small DualBeam.

Accelerate and Advance for Materials Science SDB and Auto TEM: A comprehensive solution for lamella preparation

Thermo Fisher Scientific AutoTEM is a software-based solution that offers a guided workflow for lamella preparation. AutoTEM software is targeted for customers who prefer a standardized and automated lamella preparation experience.

The Accelerate and Advance offerings for Materials Science provide support and training to help users manually prepare a variety of lamellas, including challenging lamellas that cannot be achieved by an automated workflow.

You do not have to invest in both the AutoTEM software solution and Accelerate and Advance offerings. However, when these uniquely valuable solutions are combined, they create a comprehensive support solution for all your lamella needs.


Securely access system insights with the Connected Care Portal

The Connected Care Portal delivers the insights you need to effectively manage your system and workflow. The secure, on-demand information in the Connected Care Portal will help you:

  • Assess the performance of your instrument across multiple parameters
  • Analyze system performance over time
  • Track system health and support activities
  • Quickly locate reports and other documents

Watch our Connected Care Portal demo to see the features available and the insights you can obtain to increase your productivity.

 Accelerate EmpowerAccelerate CommitAdvance EmpowerAdvance Commit
Value-added services
Applications training and support6 days6 days6 days6 days
System remote monitoring
Quarterly performance reviews
Connected Care Portal
Uptime Commitments 92% 92%
Maintenance services
Targeted on-site response time



Under warranty coverage

48 hours 
Labor and travel
Spare parts
Preventive maintenance
RAPID remote support
Software updates
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