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Fiber analysis software

Direct observation and measurement of micro and nano fibers are faster, more efficient and easier than ever before, with improved Thermo Scientific Phenom FiberMetric Software. 
In combination with the Phenom Desktop SEM, the FiberMetric Software allows you to produce accurate size information from micro- and nano-fiber samples.

Fiber characterization

Automated fiber characterization generates hundreds of measurements in seconds. Not only does this result in faster data, but it also means that FiberMetric Software provides more consistent observations when compared to manual measurements.

With FiberMetric Software, it has even become possible to measure and analyze samples with large fiber diameter differences.

Key Features

Faster data collection

Fast and automated collection of all statistical data.


View and measure micro and nano fibers with unmatched accuracy.

Save time

Save time with automated measurements.


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Fiber Detection
  • 100 nm to 40 μm
  • 1 to 1000 measurements per image
  • XML-data file (incl. diameter measurements and pore surface areas)
  • Max. 1024 x 1024 pixel image
  • Customized fiber and pore distribution histogram
  • Minimum, maximum and average fiber size
  • Standard deviation
  • Fiber orientation
Part of ProSuite Software
  • Network storage enabled
  • Phenom integrated system 
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Customer testimonal from Bas de Laat, Synapse Research Institute.

Customer testimonal from Bas de Laat, Synapse Research Institute.

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