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The Thermo Scientific Phenom Programming Interface (PPI) expands the capabilities of the Phenom Desktop SEM instruments with script-based control of the microscope's functions. Stage movements, camera navigation, and SEM imaging can be accessed and controlled.

Combine commands in scripts to fully automate your workflow, thereby increasing your throughput significantly.

Key Features


Create custom scripts to acquire and process SEM data.

Increased efficiency

Increase efficiency and save time with automated processes and reduce human errors.

Automated image acquisition

Automate acquisition of backscattered electron (BSE) and secondary electron (SE) images.

User interface

Create user interfaces matched to your workflow and business processes.

Command line

Interface to control the Phenom SEM via command line.


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  • PPI works by connecting a PC or laptop to the network of the Phenom instrument as an APISpec 1
  • Write your own scripts using Python and several standard Python packages to extend the functionality of the Phenom Programming Interface, e.g. the ability to create your own user interface.
  • Supported Python versions
  • PPI supports Windows
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