Key learning objectives:

  • How to run your TEM 24/7 – unattended
  • How to significantly improve repeatability of your particle analysis on the nm scale
  • How to remove repetitive manual analysis and operator bias
  • How to quickly acquire statistics


Maarten Wirix, PhD

Maarten Wirix, PhD

Maarten Wirix received his M.Sc. degree in Chemistry at KU Leuven University in 2009, Belgium. He worked on characterizing the second order optical properties of conjugated polymers. In 2014, he obtained his PhD in the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Department at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, where he worked on the structural characterization dispersions containing building blocks of polymer solar cells with cryo- transmission electron microscopy (TEM). In 2014, he did a one-year postdoc at Eindhoven University of Technology on Cryo-TEM and liquid phase TEM. From 2015 to 2020 he was application scientist for TEM at FEI Company and later Thermo Fisher Scientific at the European Nanoport in Eindhoven. Since 2021 he is a product marketing manager for high end TEM at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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