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Thermo Fisher Scientific has partnered with the Canine Consortium to provide our customers with access to multiple, new expert-designed microarrays, which include the latest content and annotations for canine genotyping.

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  • High-density canine genotyping
    New Applied Biosystems Axiom Canine High Density (HD) Genotyping Array includes up to 700,000 of the most informative and up-to-date markers selected from the Applied Biosystems Axiom Canine Genotyping Array Sets A & B and covering over 40 canine breeds.
  • High-throughput canine screening
    Axiom Canine Genotyping Array Sets A & B cover over 1.1M variants across two comprehensive array designs, including 640,000 newly discovered markers by the National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health.
  • Comparison to legacy data
    Axiom Canine Genotyping Array Set A is part of the Axiom Canine Genotyping Array set and covers over 460,000 variants, including legacy content from existing commercially available arrays such as breed-specific markers and functional variants; as well as newly discovered intergenic variants (long non-coding RNA and miRNA).

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Custom designs for any species

Design a marker panel in 96- or 384-array plate format with Applied Biosystems Axiom myDesign custom genotyping arrays. Fully automated analysis with Applied Biosystems Axiom Analysis Suite software allows you to spend less time analyzing data and more time improving animal and plant research.

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Canine gene expression array

Perform robust whole-transcript genome-wide gene expression analysis. With free and easy-to-use Applied Biosystems Transcriptome Analysis Console data analysis software included, go from data to insights in minutes.

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