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Learn more about how Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis can help your research:

SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer applications
  Check out highlights of several powerful Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis applications using the SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer.

Sanger sequencing applications
  Sanger sequencing, the gold standard of sequencing technology, provides a high degree of accuracy, long-read capabilities, and the flexibility to support a diverse range of applications.

Fragment analysis applications
  Analysis of DNA fragments enables a variety of applications, from cell line authentication to detection of aneuploidy.

How are other scientists using Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis?
  Learn how scientists are using Applied Biosystems' technology as they respond to the unlimited potential of scientific inquiry through Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis.

Bite-sized answers to your everyday sequencing and fragment analysis questions
  Whether your primary sequencing technique is next-generation sequencing or capillary electrophoresis, you likely come across a question or two in your everyday sequencing workflow. Seq It Out is an educational video series that sheds light on a variety of sequencing topics. We aim to provide bite-sized answers to the questions you have every day.