Biologics manufacturers always evaluate ways to improve the process to make it simpler, reduce the cost-of-goods, and minimize the upstream and downstream bottlenecks. As a contract manufacturer, it can mean providing greater results for your customer and improving the bottom line.

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In this short video, we explore ways to make a “good” bioprocess.

Our bioprocessing portfolio includes:

  • Single-use bioprocess containers (BPCs): We offer several film offerings that can be custom-configured to existing requirements or for best fit to process.
  • Cell culture media: In addition to our performance-driven standard media and feeds, we optimize cell culture programs by analyzing spent media and performing stability studies to identify potential improvements to your customers’ unique cell culture systems, which can drive improved cost of goods and higher titers.
  • Custom packaging: Our custom packaging services will supply ready-to-hydrate dry powders and ready-to-use (premade liquids) chemicals, reducing or eliminating steps.


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