Meet the ever-evolving demands of environmental compliance standards and regulations using Thermo Scientific wet chemical analysis workflows, including Thermo Scientific Aqua Master discrete analyzer systems. Capable of automated soil analysis, drinking water analysis, wastewater and sewage water analysis, these systems are verified to meet United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) requirements outlined in the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and Clean Water Act (CWA). CWA Methods Update Rule for the Analysis of Effluent 40 CFR part 136 and other regulatory bodies, including the ASTM, ISO, and DIN also recommend wet chemical methods for wastewater analysis.

Consolidated multiparameter discrete analysis offers a high-throughput wet chemical analysis solution to these challenges. Discrete analyzers simultaneously test for up to 20 parameters on a single instrument with a single operator. These automated systems allow laboratories to simplify testing while saving time and cost. All necessary analysis steps are automated, providing true walkaway time for operators.

Consolidated High throughput water analysis workflow

Gallery Aqua Master discrete analyzers

Gallery and Gallery Plus Aqua Master discrete analyzers include software designed specifically for regulated water and nutrient analysis and have the capacity to perform up to 350 tests per hour.

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Disc-IC system

For routine, comprehensive water analysis, the Thermo Scientific Disc-IC system combines discrete analysis and ion chromatography for the highest flexibility and sample throughput to reduce overall cost per analysis.

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Reagents for environmental and industrial analysis

Eliminate reagent preparation, save time and reduce errors using Thermo Scientific Gallery system reagents. These reagents can be used for analyses of environmental waters and industrial/process waters.

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Gallery Aqua Master discrete analyzers are compliant with US EPA, NELAC, ASTM and other recognized international standards. In particular, these systems support the new NELAC and US EPA-approved enzymatic reduction methods for safer nitrate + nitrite (TON) measurements. This safe enzymatic method allows labs to move away from cadmium reduction coil methods that use hazardous chemicals, improving the safety and cost-per-analysis for TON measurement. Other commonly measured parameters are pH, alkalinity, conductivity, total hardness, orthophosphate, and common contaminants (sulfate, chloride, and ammonia). The tables below summarize US EPA and a variety of other regulatory approved discrete analyzer methods.

DIA Environmental EPA Methods
Automated chloride analysis method for drinking water

A novel discrete analyzer-based automated method for drinking water chloride testing for compliance measurements that follows the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

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For laboratories looking for an improvement from traditional wet chemistry techniques, Gallery Aqua Master provide a faster, safer, automated turnkey solution following environmental regulations.


Application Note: Automated method to detect sulfate in drinking water using the Thermo Scientific Gallery Aqua Master discrete analyzer

Detection of sulfate in drinking water

Learn how a novel discrete analyzer-based automated method for compliance measurements of sulfate follows the US EPA Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

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