Discrete analyzers are integrated platforms that provide two parallel measurement techniques for your samples – photometric (colorimetric and enzymatic) and electrochemical (pH and conductivity) analysis. Thermo Scientific Gallery discrete analyzers are equipped with fully automated liquid handling, incubation, measurement calculations, and reporting. Additionally, our discrete analyzers are robust, easy to use and provide parallel measurement of up to 20 analytes.  All necessary analysis steps are automated according to precise, predefined workflows, enabling sensitive detection of the analytes in a sample to the parts per billion (ppb) level. Automation reduces hands-on time and simplifies your wet chemical laboratory testing.

Combining rugged hardware, advanced intuitive software, and simple operation, Gallery discrete analyzers are built for automated high-throughput and low-cost sample analysis workflows, minimizing manual handling errors for reliable and reproducible results. The automated workflows require no user intervention once the samples and premixed, ready-to-use reagents are loaded into the instrument. Automation not only improves the reliability and sensitivity of results compared to manual wet chemistry techniques, but it also boosts laboratory productivity by freeing staff to walk away and work on other tasks. Simply load the samples, insert the vials and leave the analyzer to do its work for up to three hours of walkaway time. 

Gallery discrete analyzers offer:

  • A compact self-contained benchtop design
  • True, direct-read analysis
  • Multiparameter analysis with 12 filters and many chemistries
  • Unique, low-cost, low-volume disposable cuvettes
  • Parallel pH and conductivity detection
  • A xenon source lamp good for years of operation
  • A wide and precise incubation temperature range
  • An open and flexible system for third party reagent and photometric method transfer

Automate Your Wet Chemical Analysis

Gallery discrete analyzers save you time by automating labor-intensive, time-consuming multiparameter wet chemical analysis.


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