Gallery and Gallery Plus discrete analyzers reduce hands-on time and simplify laboratory testing. Designed to increase efficiency for photometric (colorimetric and enzymatic) and electrochemical (pH and conductivity) analysis, these systems provide fast, reproducible results in a compact, benchtop design. The discrete cell technology and automated analysis allow you to measure multiple analytes simultaneously with low detection levels. These analyzers can accommodate up to 108 samples and up to 42 reagents, giving them the ability to perform up to 350 tests/hour using precise, predefined workflows, minimizing manual errors, and providing technicians with up to 3 hours of walkaway time.

Gallery and Gallery Plus discrete analyzers are fully automated, sample-oriented, random-access analyzers built for wet chemical analysis. Many different tests can be run from a single sample simultaneously and the systems offer continuous access to samples, reagents and cuvettes without interrupting the analytical workflow, which further increases throughput and saves more time. Measurements cover a wide range of concentrations with excellent reproducibility and detection limits in the parts-per-billion (ppb) range. Our state-of-the-art, high-throughput discrete analyzers feature:

 Unique, disposable cuvettes

Unique, disposable cuvettes

Gallery systems use low-cost, disposable DECACELL cuvettes. A single set of cuvettes includes 10 reaction cells, mounted together for true discrete analysis. They eliminate sample carryover and the need for washing, increasing throughput, eliminating contamination and ensuring reliable results. They also require smaller (2–240 µL) sample and reagent volumes, reducing waste generation, disposal costs and, ultimately, cost per analysis up to 20x.

True, direct-read analysis

True, direct-read analysis

These high-throughput, direct-read discrete analyzers can process up to 350 tests/hour and feature an optional ECM unit that enables parallel pH and conductivity measurements. They include 12 filter positions that cover a spectral range from 340–880 nm and up to 20 different chemical parameters per sample. Measurements cover a wide range of concentrations with sensitivity to the ppb level and excellent reproducibility.

Ready-to-use methods and reagents

Ready-to-use methods and reagents

Each Gallery discrete analyzer comes with pre-defined, easy-to-use methods, but you can also create and run application-specific methods of your own. More than 50 ready-to-use enzymatic and colorimetric reagents eliminate time-consuming reagent preparation and enable operators to attend to other tasks.

Automated instrument processes

Automated instrument processes

Simply load the samples, insert the reagent vials and leave the analyzer do its work for up to 3 hours of walkaway time. Instrument calibration is easily and automatically performed from a single stock standard. Additionally, the analyzer’s smart dilution capabilities mean that over-range samples are automatically diluted by the system to increase both throughput and accuracy. Gallery systems also include automatic startup and shutdown protocols.

Workflow-based software and data management

Workflow-based software and data management

Our intuitive user interface is suitable for all experience levels. The software is open and flexible.  It can be programmed to adopt third party reagent and segmented flow photometric test methods.  The software also includes LIMS connectivity, user administration, QC charts that flag out-of-specification control results and a real-time QC program with multiple user-defined Westgard rules. A built-in barcode reader provides traceability of all samples and reagents in the system.  Methods can easily be shared between laboratories across the globe by simply scanning a barcode.​ 

See how Gallery discrete analyzers automate photometric and electrochemical analysis to provide fast, reproducible results in a compact, benchtop design.

Thermo Scientific Gallery Discrete Analyzer

Learn more about the Gallery discrete analyzer and see its features in action.


Thermo Scientific Gallery Plus Discrete Analyzer

See the Gallery Plus discrete analyzer at work and learn more about its features.


Both our Gallery and Gallery Plus discrete analyzers are available with an electrochemical measurement (ECM) unit, which enables rapid, parallel electrochemical analysis in addition to photometric analysis of multiple analytes for a variety of applications.



Gallery Discrete Analyzer

Gallery Plus Discrete Analyzer

Sample capacity

90 samples

108 samples

Reagent capacity

30 positions

42 positions

Reagents per test

Add up to 4 reagents


200 tests/hr

350 tests/hr

System dimensions

75 cm W × 70 cm D × 62 cm H (closed)
75 cm W × 70 cm D × 130 cm H (open)

94 cm W × 70 cm D × 62 cm H (closed)
94 cm W × 70 cm D × 130 cm H (open)


Full specifications

Full specifications



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