The applications of HPLC encompass a broad range of fields and include testing the quality of products you use every day. HPLC helps keep consumers safe through:

  • Impurity analysis in medicine
  • Characterizing the quality of ingredients in foods and drinks
  • Monitoring the levels of pollutants in water and soil


The pharmaceutical industry uses HPLC for research and development, manufacturing quality control, and impurity and degradation analysis to ensure our medications are free of unintended or harmful ingredients.


Biopharma companies use HPLC to characterize and identify molecular targets, screen drug targets, and produce medicine from peptide mapping and sequencing, analyzing antibodies, and purifying the biological actives.

Researchers studying complex proteomics and metabolomics biological samples use nano-, capillary-, and micro-flow liquid chromatography hyphenated with high-resolution accurate-mass or triple quadrupole mass spectrometry.

Clinical labs utilize HPLC to analyze complex biological fluids like blood, plasma, and serum, aiding the development of targeted precision medicines.

HPLC analysis helps ensure foods and beverages are unadulterated and free of harmful toxins and carcinogens by detecting residual pesticides and verifying the purity and authenticity of ingredients.

Environmental companies use HPLC to identify, monitor, and quantify metal-free organic-based pollutants in water and soil.

Forensic and toxicology labs depend on HPLC analysis to screen, quantify, and confirm drugs associated with criminal investigations and drug screenings.


HPLC is used across a broad range of industries like drug development in pharma/biopharma. Precision medicine and gene therapy in proteomics research. Monitoring quality control of raw materials and finished goods in product manufacturing. Detecting the presence of pesticides and adulteration of ingredients in food and beverages.

The applications of HPLC encompass a broad range of fields from small-scale research and development to large-scale manufacturing quality control.

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