Thermo Scientific Amira-Avizo Software version 2019.1 (released on March 2019) rolls out exciting new tools and enhancements. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.

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Starting with this 2019.1 release, Amira Software, Avizo Software and PerGeos Software releases will be fully synchronized in terms of version number and life cycle.

  • Amira Software 2019.1 is the upgrade of Amira Software 6.7
  • Avizo Software 2019.1 is the upgrade of Avizo Software 9.7
  • PerGeos Software 2019.1 is the upgrade of PerGeos Software 1.8

All products now benefit from quarterly releases, constantly keeping all users at the best level of features and performance for increased productivity.

Introduced in the previous release of Amira-Avizo Software, the Image Stack Processing workroom features an interactive environment to easily create and execute image processing recipes to process image stacks in 2D. (Each image of the stack is processed individually.)

In the 2019.1 release, the Image Volume Processing module is the 3D equivalent to the Image Processing Module. This module enables the processing of an image in 3D rather than processing each image of the stack individually. When a recipe is created, the preview is performed on a 3D-slab (with a user-defined width) rather than on a slice. This allows for correctly set 3D parameters.

While the Image Stack Processing module allows the creation of a workflow from a single slice, it still needs to have the full stack in memory to process it. The new Process Stack on Disk module enables the processing of a full stack directly on disk. Each image in the stack is loaded into memory, processed, and then saved on disk. At any given time during the processing, only the workflow to process a given image is in memory. This allows for the processing of extremely large image stacks that could not even fit in memory.

This new module enables the segmentation of pores and cavities, which usually cannot be distinguished from the surrounding material, by considering the gray values and texture properties of the image.

This tool is a major feature, unlocking segmentation workflows that were not previously possible.


The Filter by Measure Range module extracts a subset of labels from a label image by computing a measure for each label, then keeping only those labels within a given range of the measure.

The new NeighborCount measurement returns the number of objects close to the current label. This measurement is useful for identifying particles belonging to a cluster.

The Filter Sandbox module now integrates the GPU Adaptive Manifold mode for the Non-local Means filter, with a huge performance improvement, especially in 3D mode.

Enhanced DICOM/DICONDE support and extended user management

Avizo Inline adds support for extra DICOM/DICONDE features in the Receiver Service, providing segmentation files management, organized folder structure of to-be-inspected models, as well as extended automation configuration capabilities.

As well, Avizo Inline 2019.1 provides additional user management features, such as common preferences and password-protected configuration.



Amira-Avizo Software Upgrades

Amira Software, Avizo Software and Avizo Software for Industrial Inspection 2019.1 are regular upgrades and will be provided free-of-charge to all users under valid maintenance.

The Image Stack Processing and Image Volume Processing modules are available under the Avizo license, Amira for Cell Biology license and XImagePAQ extension license.

The Compute Ambient Occlusion, Filter by Measure Range, NeighborCount, Filter Sandbox image processing modules and image analysis measurements are available under the Avizo Software license, Amira for Cell Biology license and XImagePAQ extension license.

These new versions also bring many improvements and fixes to known issues.
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