AI-powered image data analysis solution for fast and accurate feature and statistics extraction

AI-powered image data analysis solution for fast and accurate feature and statistics extraction 
  • Need to quickly and accurately extract quantitative information out of your imaged data, without being an image processing expert?
  • Need to perform automated, reproducible workflows to get reliable insight into your imaged sample?
  • Want to optimize at best your image acquisition time?

Thermo Scientific Avizo2D Software provides advanced feature classification and statistics extraction capabilities in a low learning curve environment.

It allows users to build and run image analysis Recipes, combining Deep Learning models, built-in image processing tools, and modules using the ever-increasing Python open source knowledge base.

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  • Avizo2D combines deep-learning models, advanced image processing technology and access to best of open-source scientific tools
  • Avizo2D provides interactive environment to build fully automated image analysis ‘recipes’
  • Through the Thermo Scientific MAPS Software acquistion engine, Avizo2D features full interoperability with Thermo Scientific Electron Microscope acquisition tools and can analyze images on the fly
  • Avizo2D helps Research Scientists to quickly get reliable answers to challenging questions in Materials & Biomedical Research without being image processing experts.
  • Avizo2D saves hours of manual work for repeatable image analysis.
  • Avizo2D helps experimental operators to focus instrument usage time on what really matters.

Avizo2D offers a comprehensive toolbox for creating and running fast, repeatable and customizable image analysis workflows, combining deep-learning models, proprietary advanced image processing technology and best of open-source scientific tools:



Paint reference images and Train Deep Learning Models

Use an interactive visual segmentation tool ( the Labeler ) to 'paint' a series of images and identify the feature of interest in each of them.

Then import this series of images and their labelled twins into the Deep Learning Model creation tool ( the Trainer ). Run and monitor the Model training process using the Trainer tool, based on the universal Keras/TensorFlow technology. 

Build your image analysis workflows

Use existing or previously created Deep Learning models. Combine them with image processing tools from the unique Avizo feature set, and use any Python-based scientific module to create your image analysis Recipe.



Online Recipe Library

Use pre-designed Recipes from the online Recipe Library and run it on your data, or customize it to your specific needs.

The Amira-Avizo Online Recipe Library offers dozens of pre-defined recipes and processing scripts, that can be directly used as dedicated workflows, or as templates to help you build more specific analysis engines.  

Interoperability with EM acquisition  

Connect Avizo2D to our MAPS Software, to benefit from real-time, automatic image analysis capabilities, delivering additional layer of understanding of the acquired sample on the fly.

The combination of MAPS and Avizo2D Software let experimental operators and research scientists optimize the instrument usage time, getting instant feedback and enhanced perception while data is being collected.


Applications and Use cases

Enhance materials' structure perception at acquisition time


Accelerate time to quality data with AI

Avizo2D Software Availability

Avizo2D Software is a special edition of the standard Thermo Scientific Amira-Avizo Software product.

It provides a sub-set of the regular Amira-Avizo Software products, and will be commercially available in the fourth quarter of 2019.

All technical capabilities offered by Avizo2D, including Deep Learning models inferences and access to the online Recipe Library will be available in the next releases of regular Amira-Avizo products. 

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