Micro electron diffraction (MicroED) allows fast, high resolution 3D structure determination of small chemical compounds and biological macromolecules. Thermo Fisher now offers a complete MicroED solution that is compatible with new microscopes and can be retrofitted onto existing units.

MicroED data is acquired on a cryo-transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM), using electrons as the incident beam. Since it is a diffraction technique, like x-ray crystallography, the sample needs to be crystalline.

The crystallization process is essentially the same as for x-ray crystallography, however, much smaller crystals can be used because the interaction of the crystal with electrons is much stronger than it is with x-rays. Crystals well below 100 nm in size can readily be analyzed. This may significantly shorten the sample preparation process and allows for the analysis of crystals which are too small to diffract with other methods.

Data collection is completed in only a few minutes, and 3D structures can be determined at atomic resolution.

With the addition of our complete MicroED solution, your Thermo Scientific cryo-TEM becomes your own in-house beam line for structure determination!

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Proteinase structure determined with micro electron diffraction. Proteinase K structure. MicroED data provided by the Gonen Laboratory HHMI/UCLA.

Get answers to your MicroED questions

Discover the answers to some of the top questions when it comes to working with small molecules and protein samples for Microcrystal Electron Diffraction (MicroED). Learn from experts how MicroED could be used for small molecule and protein structure determination in new drug design and discovery. Recently, we hosted a MicroED webinar with Dr. Tamir Gonen (UCLA) and Dr. Christopher Arthur (Genentech), in which they shared their expertise and insights. We have captured their post-webinar Q&A session and made it available for download so you can find answers to your most pressing MicroED questions.

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Cryo-EM based MicroED solution for protein and small molecule structure determination

Key Benefits

Fast atomic-resolution 3D structural information. Diffraction data from nanocrystals in minutes.

Instant productivity. Nanocrystals as small as 100 nm can be readily analyzed, removing the burden of growing large crystals (as with X-ray crystallography). Also reduces the amount of sample material required. Mixtures of different polymorphs and compounds can be analyzed.

Complete turnkey solution. Including hardware, software and support from one single vendor. Acquired data can be readily processed using established reconstruction packages for X-ray crystallography.

2-in-1 solution. MicroED and single particle analysis (SPA) can be performed on the same cryo-electron microscope. This solution is compatible with new microscopes but is also retrofittable on existing units.