The iQ series of gas analyzers is our newest platform offering predictive diagnostics, proactive communication, and personal device connectivity. iQ360 is a service only available when operating the iQ gas analyzer. iQ360 is a one-directional communication via your company’s secure network, ensuring faster issue resolution. iQ360 is your all-around service solution.

Improve instrument uptime, resolve issues faster, and limit unplanned outages with proactive communication to Thermo Fisher Scientific Technical Support. Perfect for remote sites and sites with limited manpower, iQ360 is your solution to keep your iQ gas analyzer running optimally. Here’s how iQ360 works:

iQ gas analyzer diagnostic alarm

1.  An iQ gas analyzer throws a diagnostic alarm, maintenance alert, or predictive diagnostic alert.

iQ gas analyzer diagnostic data

2.  Using the intelligence built into the iQ analyzer, an email containing all of the diagnostic data is sent to our Thermo Fisher Scientific Technical Support team. 

iQ gas analyzer communications

3. Communication is one-way and occurs over the customer’s secure, firewall-protected network to ensure privacy and security. We also have solutions for remote instrumentation that does not have access to a secure network connection.

iQ gas analyzer technical support

4.  Our technical support personnel will review the diagnostic data, create an evaluation report, and respond to all customers within two hours of receiving the email.

iQ360 service solution

5.  Your evaluation report will include detailed steps to resolve any alarm condition. Also included are quotes for any required spare parts, quotes for repair, and any other information that will help keep your instruments running optimally. Not running the latest instrument firmware? We’ll not only let you know your firmware is not up-to-date, but we’ll also include the most current firmware in the return email. Bundling iQ360 with a spare part contract or field service contract truly makes iQ360 your all-around service solution.

Video spotlight: iQ360 Remote Servicing of iQ Gas Analyzers

iQ360 for Remote Servicing of iQ Gas Analyzers

iQ360 is an innovative way to keep your instrument running optimally. iQ360 is your all-around service solution.

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