Alberta CEMS Code Revision

The Alberta CEMS code established requirements for the installation, operation, maintenance and certification of continuous emissions monitoring systems. The original Alberta CEMS was created in 1998 and is currently being revised. Changes to the AB CEMS are slated to include:

  • New equipment performance specifications
  • More stringent RATA specifications
  • New Monitoring plan authorization
  • Wider analyzer ranges, inline with PG7 and U.S. EPA
  • Dual range analyzers
  • Increased percent availability
  • 6-Month data storage and back up

Source CEMS

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42iQ Low Source NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer

The Thermo Scientific 42iQ Low Source NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer utilizes chemiluminescence technology to measure the amount of nitrogen oxides in the air from ppb levels up to 500ppm.

43iQ Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer

The Thermo Scientific 43iQ Sulfur Dioxide (SO2 ) Analyzer utilizes pulsed fluorescence technology to measure the amount of sulfur dioxide in emissions.