Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Real-Time PCR System

Rapid and accurate detection of foodborne pathogens

Perform food safety tests confidently with the Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Real-Time PCR System. Built on proven PCR technology and backed by world-class service and support, the SureTect System is designed to quickly and accurately detect foodborne pathogens in a broad range of foods and associated samples. Take advantage of simple and streamlined workflows that utilize a single same-day or overnight enrichment step, direct lysis protocol for DNA release, and universal cycling parameters.

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Popular PCR food pathogen testing products

SureTect PCR Assays

SureTect PCR Assay validated workflows for detection of:

SureTect Assays Validation Table
Food Safety 7500 Fast PCR System

Complete flexibility with Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast System

Expand your in-house PCR capability beyond day-to-day pathogen testing with the Food Safety Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR instrument—a versatile, 96-well platform ideal for batch processing several hundred samples a day.

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Choose the right PCR pathogen detection assays for your pathogen targets and sample types

Empower your operations with rapid reporting and detect foodborne pathogens quickly and accurately.  Our Food Pathogen PCR Test Selection Guide helps you to choose your validated workflow solution by pathogen target and sample type.

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Videos: SureTect in Action

Hydroponic microgreens

Case Study:

Maximizing freshness and extending shelf life in microgreens with SureTect Real-Time PCR System. An innovative certified organic farm gains one week of shelf life and can guarantee three weeks’ shelf life for the lettuce in stores, with a fast method for pathogen testing which allows rapid product release.