Speaker presentations at HIDS Kobe

Adrian Linacre

Intelligence SNP data from latent DNA using massive parallel sequencing

Adrian Linacre, Flinders University

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Anna Mapes

Local DNA

Anna Mapes, Dutch Police

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Bruce Budowle

Forensic Genomics Innovations and Their Impact on Public Safety

Bruce Budowle, University of North Texas

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Dadna Hartman

Introducing MPS to a Forensic Workflow - Where to start?

Dadna Hartman, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

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Donna Foskin

The Sexual Assault Workflow: New Zealand’s perspective using Quantifiler Trio, Yfiler Plus and Identifiler kits

Donna Foskin, ESR

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Elizabeth Peters

The Forensic Workflow at Fiji Police – Set Up, Implications and impact

Elizabeth Peters, Fiji Police Force

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Fred Harran Glenn Vandergrift

Law Enforcement & Rapid DNA Rapid DNA case study

Fred Harran & Glenn Vandegrift, Bensalem Township Police Department

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Hishmath Ibrahim

Trace DNA collection methods for viable DNA profiles

Hishmath Ibrahim, Maldives Police Services

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Hussein Omar Khan

Malaysia experience in establishing DNA database

Hussein Omar Khan, Royal Malaysia Police

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Jack Ballantyne

Assigning forensic body fluids to DNA donors in mixed samples by targeted RNA/DNA deep sequencing of coding region SNPs

Jack Ballantyne, University of Central Florida

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Katja Anslinger

Deconvolution of blood-blood mixtures using DEPArray separated single cell STR profiling

Katja Anslinger, Institut für Rechtsmedizin

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Lorna Santos

Starting a DNA Database

Lorna Santos, Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory

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Luke Ryan

Working with the Queensland Police Service to Assess Operational Effectiveness of MPS in Criminal Investigations

Luke Ryan, Queensland Health

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Marta Diepenbroek

Molecular dissection of a crime scene: introducing STR sequencing in routine investigation

Marta Diepenbroek, Institut für Rechtsmedizin

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Nu Em-Huang

The Application of Forensic DNA Analysis in Sexual Assault Cases in Taiwan

Nu Em-Huang, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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Walther Parsons

VISAGE - Visual Attributes through Genomics

Walther Parsons, Institute of Forensic Medicine Medical University of Innsbruck

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