Almanac Mass Spectrometry Monitoring and Management

Stay connected to your science

Let Almanac simplify your instrument management. Review and share instrument history, stay updated on current acquisition status, and prepare for what’s next all from one accessible productivity tool.

Almanac maintains both an instrument logbook and recent utilization statistics for your connected mass spectrometer. The logbook automatically records events such as calibration and software updates, allows the addition of custom entries and attachments, and offers an intuitive search to find past events of interest. Real-time acquisition status can be accessed anytime and anywhere by visiting the secure Almanac webpage or mobile app, or by configuring real-time notifications delivered through email or mobile app. As you plan upcoming experiments, reserving instrument time is easy using our shared instrument scheduler.

Supporting systems also utilize communication through the Almanac Agent to automatically and immediately notify you and/or the service team when a specific corrective action is recommended or required on your system. Updated instrument method templates can also be downloaded via the Agent.

Finally, if you have a problem on any of your configured instruments (MS, LC, IC or GC), request technical support with a single click through the Almanac Agent. By submitting the request this way, the basic instrument metadata your technical specialist will need to assist you quickly and efficiently is automatically and securely provided.

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Key benefits of Almanac

Keep track of your work without needing to track in and out of the laboratoryEstablish standard lab practices & simplify the way system history gets documented across your labGet technical assistance in the simplest and most efficient way possible
The Almanac app allows you to view what is currently being acquired, and set-up real-time notifications when sample sets have finished acquisition or if there is an error. Reserve the time you need on the shared online instrument scheduler to keep the good data coming.The instrument logbook automatically records calibration events, allows users to manually enter pre-defined maintenance events or free text notes, and attach images or documents. Create custom events that can be shared across the lab to emphasize lab protocols and best practices.Avoid another 1-800 number and instead request technical support with the click of a button. A zipped folder will be shared that contains pertinent instrument metadata to better equip our service personnel to diagnose potential issues. You’ll get call back from a specialist that can help ASAP.

Learn more about the Almanac application

Connecting your GC-MS and LC-MS to the Almanac application is easy and allows you to quickly view the status of all connected systems. See which systems are currently acquiring data and how much time is remaining for the submitted analysis, as well as the total number of samples submitted and completed.

Don’t want to keep checking? Set-up e-mail or mobile app notifications to let you know when your data acquisition is complete or if there is a recommended corrective or preventative action notification, so you can be free to focus on other tasks.

Need more information about a particular instrument? Double click on an instrument tile to navigate to that instruments Almanac webpage.

Instrument connect platform

View all your instruments in a single location with quick access to high-level information on system status.

Want more information about your analysis? Need to check to see if the data being acquired is as expected? Using the Status Tab, you can obtain more information about the current analysis, view which sample(s) have been acquired, what is left to acquire and view the data currently being acquired.

All of this information is available remotely through your desktop or mobile app, so you don’t need to physically be in the laboratory to check that everything is running smoothly. For added security, Almanac can be configured to run in “anonymous mode”, which prevents experiment or sample names from being sent to Almanac.

Easily view your instruments' current status

Viewing the Status Tab for any given instrument shows more information relating to the acquisition queue, as well as an overview of data being acquired, providing real-time confidence in your analysis.

Thorough documentation of system calibration, maintenance, quality control, and other relevant information in the instrument logbook provides important historical context around that instrument’s performance and the experiments run on that instrument.

Logbook system information
Almanac Logbook GC Screen

While some events such as calibration and software updates are automatically captured in the logbook, users can also add free text, images and documents to allow all users to see important and relevant information in one easy-to-access location.

Create a customized instrument utilization report

It is also possible to create a customized instrument utilization report to track monthly or weekly usage of your connected instrumentation.

With ever increasing pressure on instrument access and utilization, it is important to be able to schedule instrument access and understand when there is time available within multi-user environments.

Almanac provides the ability to schedule instrument time so that all users can see when and why the instrument is in use.

Instrument scheduler

Remove the dependence upon physical calendars or e-mail traffic and see if or when an instrument is available using Instrument Scheduler.

The Instrument Connect mobile app provides access to some of these features right from your phone, while also enabling real-time notifications on the events you’re interested in.

Visit the  Apple App Store or the  Google Play store to download our Instrument Connect app to receive notifications and monitor your instruments straight from your mobile device.

Instrument Connect app to monitor your equipment and view real-time data

View high-level instrument information such as current progression, run time is remaining, or if an instrument is currently in error and you have been notified.

Reserve instrument time or access information about current instrumentation utilization

Reserve instrument time or access information about current instrumentation utilization, from your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Quickly view real-time data acquisition information

Quickly view real-time data acquisition information, providing additional confidence that your acquisition is progressing as expected.

If you need assistance on one of your configured instruments, you can now request technical support with a single click through the Almanac Agent Support Tab. When submitting your request this way, Almanac bundles all pertinent device-specific documents and instrument metadata (excluding raw data, sample, experiment, or personal information) and securely sends them to a technical support specialist with extensive training on your instrument. This ensures the quickest and most efficient response within your service level agreement.

For instrument compatibility, see the following table:

InstrumentClick for SupportRemote Monitoring***Utilization ReportingLogbook (Auto Entry)Method Template DownloadCorrective Action Notifications
Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Tribrid MS Series≥ 3.1≥ 3.1≥ 3.1≥ 3.1≥ 3.4≥ 3.4
Thermo Scientific TSQ Triple Quadrupole MS Series≥ 3.1≥ 3.1≥ 3.1≥ 3.1  
Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris MSOES 1.1OES 1.1OES 1.1OES 1.1OES 2.0OES 3.0
Thermo Scientific Q Exactive MS SeriesAllAllAll   
Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris GC 240 Mass SpectrometerAllAllAll   
Thermo Scientific TSQ 9610 Triple Quad GC-MS/MS SystemAll* or CM>7.2.10 All* or CM>7.2.10   
Thermo Scientific ISQ 7610 Single Quad GC-MS SystemAll* or CM>7.2.10 All* or CM>7.2.10   
Thermo Scientific TRACE 1600 Series GC SystemsAll* or CM>7.2.10     
Thermo Scientific TriPlus 500 Headspace AutosamplerAll* or CM>7.2.10     
Thermo Scientific TriPlus RSH SMART AutosamplerAll* or CM>7.2.10     
Thermo Scientific AI/AS 1600 Series Liquid AutosamplerAll* or CM>7.2.10     
Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC SystemsCM>7.2.10; SII>1.4     
Thermo Scientific UltiMate UHPLC SystemsCM>7.2.10; SII>1.4     
Thermo Scientific Dionex Integrion HPIC systemCM>7.2.10; SII>1.4     
Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-6000 and ICS-4000CM>7.2.10; SII>1.4     
Thermo Scientific Dionex Aquion IC systemCM>7.2.10     
Thermo Scientific Dionex ASE 350 Accelerated Solvent ExtractorCM>7.2.10     

*When running on Xcalibur or Foundation, all GC devices drivers supported; when on CM, 7.2.10 or above required
**GC devices do not currently generate service bundles, ticket will be automatically generated, but without a service bundle
***Remote monitoring is only supported when instruments are acquiring data in Xcalibur or TraceFinder ≥5.0
****Almanac supports instruments running Foundation 3.1 SP1 or later

Connect your lab to drive more insights from your data

Connect your lab to drive more insights from your data

Small molecule characterization and identification clouding your decision making? Cloud-based technologies, including mass spectrometry analysis software, are becoming more prevalent in laboratories.

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