Almanac Mass Spectrometry Monitoring and Management

Monitor your mass spectrometry analyses anywhere, anytime

The ability to remotely access and manage your LC-MS and GC-MS systems lets you focus on other important tasks during your day. Using the Thermo Scientific Almanac web-based application, you can check real-time system status and acquisitions, set up automated e-mails to notify you of a completed acquisition or error, schedule instrument access, monitor utilization, or send service files to aid in system diagnostics and maximize up-time.

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Key benefits of web-based mass spectrometry monitoring

Keep your laboratory moving, even when you are on the go Understand your system’s history and what is happening in real-time Get the right information to service quicker with push-to-service when you need assistance
A busy laboratory does not have to be a challenge and should not require you to be present all the time. The Almanac app enables users to schedule instrument access, view what is currently being acquired, and set-up real-time notifications when sample sets have finished acquisition or if there is an error. Take control of your laboratory and data analysis, no matter where you are in the world. Being able to check when your instrument was last calibrated or serviced, or if your colleagues have left you an all-important notice doesn’t have to rely on a lab book, or a scrap of paper.

The instrument logbook records common user events and automatically enters them, allows service annotations and analysts to enter free text, add images and documentation so there doesn’t need to be any ambiguity as to what has happened on the instrumentation.
Now you have the option to share relevant instrument parameters and settings with our support teams when you place a call without sending any of your raw data or sample/personal information. This information better equips our service personnel to diagnose potential issues.

Learn more about the Almanac app

Connecting your GC-MS and LC-MS to the Almanac application is quick and easy and allows you to quickly view the status of all connected systems. See which systems are currently acquiring data and how much time is remaining for the submitted analysis, as well as the total number of samples submitted and completed.

Don’t want to keep checking? Set-up e-mail notifications to let you know when your data acquisition is complete, or if there is a system error, so you can be free to focus on other tasks.

Need more information? Click on an instrument to see more detailed information about the system and current data acquisition in the Status Tab.

Instrument connect platform

View all your instruments in a single location with quick access to high-level information on system status.

Want more information about your sample analysis? Need to check to see if the data being acquired is as expected? Using the Status Tab, you can obtain more information about the current sample analysis, view which sample(s) have been acquired, what is left to acquire and view the data currently being acquired.

All of this information is available remotely through your desktop or mobile app, so you don’t need to be physically in the laboratory to check that everything is running smoothly.

Easily view your instruments' current status

Viewing the Status Tab for any given instrument shows more information relating to the acquisition queue, as well as an overview of data being acquired, providing real-time confidence in your analysis.

Documenting system maintenance and other relevant information in the instrument logbook allows understanding of recent activities such as calibration events and other important information to your laboratory analysts.

Logbook capabilities don’t just end there. Users can also add free text, images and documents to allow all users to see important and relevant information in one easy-to-access location; no longer do you need to rely on pieces of paper or physical instrument notebooks.

Events, such as sequence and sample information with additional metadata are automatically captured, again allowing increased understanding of each system’s utilization as well as capturing any system errors.

Logbook system information

The logbook provides a convenient and easily accessible location to record important system information such as calibration status and information, while also providing users the ability to use the logbook to include other relevant information including images and documentation.

Events tab captures systems information

The Events tab captures system information, from the sample lists that have been acquired with relevant metadata to any system errors, providing useful system utilization information.

With ever increasing pressure on instrument access and utilization, it is important to be able to schedule instrument access and understand when there is time available within multi-user environments.

Almanac provides the ability to schedule instrument time, along with high-level information so that users can see when and why the instrument is in use, as well as capture overall system utilization information.

Instrument scheduler

Remove the dependence upon physical calendars or e-mail traffic and see if or when an instrument is available using Instrument Scheduler.

The "push to service" capabilities of the Almanac bundles all pertinent device-specific documents (without sending any raw data, sample or personal information) and sends them to our secure Connect site, quickly giving the service team more of the information it needs to get you back up and running.


Creating a Service Bundle sends all relevant system information to a secure Connect location to aid in diagnosis of your issue without the need to send any information about samples, raw data or personal information.

Keep your laboratory workflows moving even when you’re on the go. With all the functionality of the web-based application, the Instrument Connect mobile app allows you to monitor your instrumentation remotely. See current instrument status, what is being acquired on each instrument, view data being acquired, schedule instrument time, or set up notifications so you always know what is happening.

Visit the  Apple App Store or the  Google Play store to download our Instrument Connect app to monitor your equipment and view real-time data, straight from your mobile device.

With the Instrument Connect app you can easily view a range of Thermo Fisher Scientific instrumentation in your laboratory, from Cloud-connected instruments or other devices connected using either Almanac or the Cloud Connect Utility.

Instrument Connect app to monitor your equipment and view real-time data

View high-level instrument information such as current progression, run time is remaining, or if an instrument is currently in error and you have been notified.

Reserve instrument time or access information about current instrumentation utilization

Reserve instrument time or access information about current instrumentation utilization, from your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Quickly view real-time data acquisition information

Quickly view real-time data acquisition information, providing additional confidence that your acquisition is progressing as expected.

Almanac supports the following Thermo Scientific instruments running Foundation 3.1 SP1 or later:

Mass spectrometers

LC systems supported under LC Devices 3.0 or later and SII 1.3 for Xcalibur software or later are supported with the above listed mass spectrometers including:

Instruments controlled by the Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System are not currently supported.

Connect your lab to drive more insights from your data

Connect your lab to drive more insights from your data

Small molecule characterization and identification clouding your decision making? Cloud-based technologies, including mass spectrometry analysis software, are becoming more prevalent in laboratories.

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