Radiation contamination and environmental monitoring

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Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a wide range of environmental radiation monitoring and detection equipment to prevent the spread of radioactive contamination and protect facilities, employees, and the public. Our continuous environmental monitors help keep your facility safe and outside areas secure. We offer radiation contamination measurement systems to clear personnel quickly in radiation-controlled areas. Airports, seaports, storage and other facilities rely on our portal monitors to detect concealed illicit nuclear materials.

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Thermo Scientific environmental monitors

Keep your plant, the environment, and surrounding communities safe from nuclear radiation leaks with Thermo Scientific™ environmental monitors. We can help you achieve event-free operation with reliable, continuous environment radiation monitoring and assessment equipment to meet the most demanding safety objectives within and outside of your facility. Our environmental monitors support and sustain nuclear safety by measuring radioactive material or noble gases released by nuclear power plants, and by detecting airborne alpha- and beta-emitting particulates in work areas, stacks, and ducts.

Thermo Scientific radiation contamination measurement systems

Achieve the best radiation contamination detection limits possible with Thermo Scientific radiation contamination measurement systems. Employees who work in radiation-controlled areas of nuclear power plants and nuclear facilities can become contaminated with trace amounts of radiation on their bodies, clothes, and equipment. To prevent the spread of radioactive contamination beyond the controlled area and keep outside areas secure, we offer a range of personnel contamination monitors to survey the body, hands and feet, small and large articles, and laundry.

Thermo Scientific portal monitoring

Thermo Scientific portal monitoring systems deliver highly sensitive, accurate detection of illicit nuclear materials inside packages or cargo at airports, seaports, borders, government buildings, food storage and handling facilities, transportation stations, couriers, and freight companies. Our portal monitors also help scrap metal facilities avoid costly and damaging contamination events from uncontrolled sources.

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The permanent closure of a nuclear power plant involves its safe removal from service and dismantling the facility to residual radioactivity level. This decommissioning process requires advanced, integrated radiation detection and radioactivity measurement instruments to help mitigate the threat and keep workers safe. Download this free eBook to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Radiation Detection

Radiation can be found almost anywhere. Is it always a threat to public health and safety? How can it be monitored?  What tools do I need to detect it?  Are you trying to scare us?  Get the answers to these and other questions on our Frequently Asked Questions about Radiation Detectionpage.


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