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Optimize safety, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance

Our instruments and services are designed to deliver the latest advancements in technology and functionality and help you sustain safety and productivity long into the future.

  • Breadth—full product suite for a wide range of nuclear radiation detection needs
  • Quality—designed and manufactured for a lifetime of use in the harshest of environments
  • Experience—serving the industry for over 55 years
  • Innovation—new technologies and solutions to help ensure you keep pace with a changing industry

The permanent closure of a nuclear power plant involves its safe removal from service and dismantling the facility to residual radioactivity level. This decommissioning process requires advanced, integrated radiation detection and radioactivity measurement instruments to help mitigate the threat and keep workers safe. Download this free eBook to learn more.

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Thermo Scientific EPD TruDose Electronic Dosimeter

You can rely on the Thermo Scientific EPD TruDose Electronic Personal Dosimeter to monitor, inform, and improve worker safety in environments where radiation exposure is a necessary and unavoidable part of the job. 

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Continuous area monitoring to optimize efficiency and worker safety

The Thermo Scientific RadHalo RDP and FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors detect and identify gamma radiation in the environment. With configurations for fixed-site perimeter monitoring as well as mobile deployment, RadHalo area monitors ensure worker safety by providing high-confidence nuclear radiation measurements when and where you need them.

  • Reduce costs while receiving timely and detailed radionuclide information 
  • Replace labor-intensive environmental instruments with an automated system 
  • Early warning system through continual dose-rate monitoring

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Handheld detection for any scenario

Thermo Scientific RadEye Spectroscopic Radiation Detectors are ideal for contamination monitoring in radiation controlled areas, contamination check points, and waste and material shipping surveys.

  • Portable—pager-sized detectors are easy to carry and go with you wherever nuclear radiation detection and monitoring is needed
  • Configurable—units can be customized to match a wide variety of applications
  • Easy-to-use—highly intuitive user interface helps ensure rapid adoption and wide-spread use

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Overview of RadEye Spectroscopic Radiation Detectors for nuclear power facilities

Current challengeModel to solveBenefits
Heavy meters for dose for monitoring ambient dose rateRadEye GGamma dose rate readings in a pager-sized instrument
Time-consuming sample gathering and lab-based counting needed to identify isotope present in survey resultRadEye SPRDImmediately identifies isotope present so you can act quickly
Multiple devices needed to survey nuclear radiation waste and shipping materialsRange of RadEye instrumentsOne lightweight device can measure multiple radiation types
Large and heavy Rem Ball and meter are difficult to manage for neutron surveysRadEye NLLess than 8 lbs
Emergency planning requires multiple large inventory instrumentsRadEye SX,
RadEye G
and RadEye B20 ER
Fewer, small handheld instruments minimize prep and ownership costs
Field contamination alpha/beta counting takes a long time to completeRadEye HECDelivers counting room accuracy in a handheld device that can be used anywhere
Upgrade costs for new probes when changing instrumentsRadEye X SeriesModern, digital meter can be used with most existing probes

Additional services and information for nuclear power facilities

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Nuclear power plant outage services

Take advantage of configurable pre-outage, outage, and post-outage support programs offered by our certified factory trained experts to maximize your nuclear power plant efficiency, comply with critical timelines, and manage unplanned costs.

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The natural background rejection (NBR) measurement method has been developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific for extremely fast discrimination between natural and artificial gamma radiation and is deployed on all Thermo Scientific radiation monitors. Using an instrument with NBR allows you to keep your alarm threshold extremely low without the need to worry about false alarms from non-threatening sources.

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With more than 55 years of experience providing products and services to the nuclear power industry, we provide the experience to help you meet your business goals of plant reliability and equipment uptime. From installation and certification services to preventative maintenance, technical support, training, spare parts, and global support capabilities, we provide a wide variety of integrated solutions and instrument upgrade packages to maximize your nuclear power plant performance.

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