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Confidently compound, measure and characterize the properties of all types of materials in your research, quality control and industrial processes. We offer a wide range of solutions for your material characterization needs.

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Rheology and extrusion industry solutions

We help address challenges in pharmaceuticals where solubility of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and processing stability, taste-masking, enteric-coating, and specialized dosage forms are critical projects. Our analytical instrumentation provides the shortest path from feasibility studies to production in drug formulation and manufacturing.

You create, process and monitor food products to have ideal texture, shape, mouthfeel, processability, shelf life and more. We have the proven knowledge and experience to help. Explore Thermo Scientific HAAKE solutions and instruments for flexible, reliable food rheology and food extrusion.

Compounding requires a structured approach to set up a process that’s stable, efficient and yields the desired end product. We offer complete workflow solutions: pilot and small scale compounders, up- and down-stream components, injection molding tools, and rheometers for polymer melts, DMTA and extensional rheology.

Material development requires understanding the structure and properties of a material as well as the knowledge to process it until it performs as needed. We offer a range of scientific instruments from Raman to XPS to rheometers and compounders to help you take your material analysis to the next level while creating the products of tomorrow.

Your rheological measurements are essential to delivering high quality cosmetics and personal care products. Make sure you measure the flow and deformation of lotions, creams, gels, pastes and other semisolids and fluids in a way that produces the best possible products.