X-Ray Diffraction Selection Guide

Quality control of cement and concrete in road surfaces

Throughout the 50 states, the laboratories at the State Department of Transportation (DOT) endeavor to understand chemical changes causing road failure or damage (such as aging or deicing salts), the quality of construction materials such as cement, steel and asphalt, and the structural integrity of existing structures.

XRF analysis of pavement materials

One of the key tools in these labs arsenal is X-ray Fluorescence (XRF). XRF is an ideal technique for non-destructive elemental analysis of the following material at DOTs:

  • Cement and concrete
  • Iron, steel, and aluminum
  • Tars, Pitches, and Oils
  • Coatings and Paints

Thermo Scientific portfolio of XRF products is able to meet your laboratory needs, with instruments suited for smaller lab spaces with low sample volumes to central labs supporting the entire states analytical needs.

XRF pavement analysis instruments from Thermo Fisher Scientific

 Standalone benchtop EDXRF for routine and research labs with low volume throughputFree-standing  WDXRF for routine labs with medium volume throughputFree-standing  WDXRF for routine and research labs with high volume throughput
Meet C114
Solid & Liquid Analysis✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Number of sample Positions1, 10 or 201 or 13Up to 112
Remote Applications Support✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Direct Onsite Service ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Analysis time for Cement5 to 8 minutes3 to 6 minutes2 to 4 minutes 
Analytical Flexibility✓✓✓✓✓✓

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