Training and service for Thermo Scientific Laboratory OES, XRF and XRD instruments

We are committed to delivering top-notch customer support, including tailored service products and fast response times. We offer a comprehensive range of services that can quickly and flexibly respond to various service needs and requests. Select only the service options you want. Add service options at the time of equipment purchase, during warranty, or afterward as needed. We offer flexible, customer-centered service options to cover every type of service challenge: installation, warranty extension, service contracts, repairs, maintenance and training.

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This option includes on-site installation of equipment, a visual inspection of the unit as well as testing of the installed instrument and operating instructions. An installation certificate confirms and logs the services that were conducted.

The installation qualification gives you the certification that all the checks have been carried out to ensure that the equipment is correctly positioned and configured, but also that all the supplies comply with the established specifications.

An extended warranty is available with the same benefits as the original warranty. After the extended warranty expires, our service optionsoffer further solutions for continued product support.

With this partnership, you focus on creating excellent products, and we focus on delivering service excellence.

We offer a variety of support plans and options to meet your needs.

  • Installation, repairs and calibration
  • Support plans
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Certification/compliance services 
  • Technical support
  • Training and education services 
  • Parts, accessories and consumables

With each of our plans, you benefit from a selection of guaranteed response times and predictable costs that include travel expenses, labor and replacement parts.

This service guarantees your OES, XRF and XRD instruments meet validation and standardization requirements such as ISO 9001, CE, etc.

  • The Operation Qualification (OQ) procedure reproduces the OQ performed in the Quality Assurance (QA) of the factory and confirms that the instrument is operational by proof of the validation report.
  • Preventive maintenance is available as a one-time on demand service. It is also included in all our service contracts.
  • Emergency response is included in the preventive maintenance and provides priority remote support, shorter response times on on-site corrective repairs.

We manufacture equipment to the highest quality standards, but should an unexpected repair event occur, our certified Thermo Fisher Scientific Service Engineer will perform the repair on site ensuring the results meet internationally recognized standards. With assistance from state of-the-art software, our experts can more rapidly analyze problems and determine solutions.

Experience enhanced technical support with the latest in Digital Remote Support (DRS) capabilities*. Using intuitive remote desktop and mobile tools, our highly experienced and certified engineers can identify and resolve instrument issues remotely up to 30% of the time, turning days of possible downtime into minutes. If an on-site visit is still required, these digital repair tools enable our field engineers to identify necessary parts and prepare for repairs in advance, resulting in higher first-time fix rates to minimize your downtime. Unlimited, priority access to DRS is available to customers under warranty or with an active service contract.

*Available within participating regions, see brochures for details.

Proper knowledge and skills to operate the instrument are crucial to generating reliable results. We offer a broad range of instrument training programs as well as application training in our application laboratories or at customer site to ensure that your employees receive solid theoretical knowledge.

Your staff needs adequate knowledge and skills to operate instruments properly and get reliable results. Over our many years of experience, we’ve developed first-rate user training methods to help ensure that your staff achieves accurate results and consistent quality when using Thermo Scientific OES, XRF, XRD and automated instruments. 

  • Instrument training days or training-center-based application training for solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience on the instrument and analysis.
  • On-site or in-school trainings are available. 
  • Analytical support can be provided as a service at the customer site by a factory specialist or by a certified Field Service Engineer.

Visit our large offering of on demand webinars to expand the expertise you need at a time convenient for you. The Materials and Structural Analysis webinars page includes webinars about OES, XRF and XRD solutions.


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