Optical emission spectrometry analysis

Understanding the elemental composition of your metals can help you adapt to new challenges unique to your market sector. Thermo Scientific OES instrumentation is available for multiple stages of the metal fabrication process, from the initial screening of incoming raw materials to end-product validation and quality control. Our OES solutions are also routinely employed in laboratory settings to test the composition and structure of emerging materials.

Elemental analysis of iron and steel

Our OES analyzers are designed for fast, high-performance elemental analysis of iron samples across multiple stages of the metallurgical production process.


We work in partnership with the steel industry to face the increasing demand for clean and ultraclean steel with improved mechanical properties. Addressing these market demands means helping steel producers streamline operations, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve quality control to keep you competitive.

Analysis of non-metallic inclusions

In addition to elemental analysis, the Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark Plus Optical Emission Spectrometer with Spark-DAT provides unparalleled speed for inclusion analysis. It provides the combined results of elemental and inclusion analysis in a single measurement in approximately the same time as the time required for elemental analysis alone, thus enabling extremely efficient control of metal quality and production process.

Fire assay analysis

The Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark Plus Fire Assay Analyzer is a high-performance spark optical emission spectrometer, specially tuned for the analysis of fire assay lead buttons. Thanks to its unique one-meter focal length optics with photomultiplier tubes and advanced technologies, it has the limits of detection that allow optimal quantification of trace level contents of gold, silver, and platinum group elements in lead buttons.

Non-ferrous metal analysis

Quality analysis is essential to your aluminum and other non-ferrous metal products. The Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark Plus, the latest series of high-performance OES spectrometers, fully embraces the virtues of optical emission and addresses the quality requirements of all the market segments. Configured with PMTs, it allows superior performance to detect critical traces, highest precision and accuracy from ppm to percent levels and even ultra-fast methods to evaluate micro-inclusions. Indeed, ARL iSpark Plus series is the solution to produce reliable quality aluminum products, hence improve your productivity and profitability.

Optical emission spectrometry of aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most versatile, economical, and attractive metallic materials for a broad range of uses from soft, highly ductile wrapping foil to the most demanding engineering applications like aircraft construction. While packaging remains the primary use of aluminum, it is also used in applications including transportation, building and construction, electrical, and machinery. The ARL iSpark Plus OES spectrometer offers excellent accuracy, sensitivity, precision, and stability for analysis of aluminum for a range of applications.

OES analysis of copper

Pure and ultra-pure copper are produced using two main refining processes: pyrometallurgy and wet metallurgy enrichment. Applications of copper depend on purity—high-purity copper is used for electrical power transmission or electronic applications, while fire-refined copper is primarily used to produce alloys such as brass, bronze, or cupro-nickel. Our ARL iSpark Plus series of OES spectrometers are designed to enable high-performance analysis of pure and ultra-pure metals.

OES analysis of precious metals

OES analysis of precious metals offers several advantages compared to alternative techniques. Thermo Scientific OES instruments are less expensive than traditional analyzers, and OES techniques allow for less expensive sample preparation. Our OES analyzers also offer improvements in sensitivity, precision, accuracy, sample analysis time, memory effects, and maintenance operations.

Other non-ferrous metals and alloy analysis

Thermo Scientific OES spectrometers are suited for analysis of various other non-ferrous metals, cobalt, lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, and their alloys.