X-Ray Diffraction Selection Guide


From classroom teaching, to routine measurements, to discovery of the next breakthrough material, Thermo Scientific ARL EQUINOX X-ray Diffractometers are designed to meet the needs of today's laboratory.

  • Fast acquisition with friendly interpretation data intuitive software for providing fast answers
  • Quickly save your data with multiple data-export options
  • Easily change samples with a large, accessible sample compartment

ARL EQUINOX XRD models are widely used in both research and industry working on polycrystalline materials: geology and minerals, materials science, energy materials, ceramics, metals and other applied materials, polymers, catalysts, chemicals, nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, mining and cement, teaching, etc.

Product imageARL EQUINOX 100
 Standalone benchtop XRD for routine and research labs
Reflection mode✓✓✓
Model according to the customer needs
Transmission mode✓✓✓
Perfect for a benchtop model
(by capillary)
Phase id & QPA✓✓✓
QA / QC CFR21✓✓✓
High & low temperature✓✓ *
* Anton Paar chambers
-10°C to 150°C (BTS 150) or RT to 500°C (BTS 500)
Thin film
Perfect for a benchtop model
Thin film
According to the sample
High resolution---
Low angle~1° 2θ

ARL EQUINOX 100, ideal XRD benchtop for fast acquisition and dynamic studies