Portable XRF Tools & Accessories

Lab-to-field solutions for on-site XRF analysis

Sample preparation is the key to achieving lab-quality results. Thermo Scientific sample collection and preparation tool kits make proper sample preparation easy. These small, lightweight sets, e.g., our portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers which are designed especially for analysis of light elements and material with a particle size range of 100μm and below, are ideal for transportation to remote locations with minimal facilities and can help you quickly achieve advanced in-situ geochemical analysis of a wide variety of samples.

Learn how our sample prep tools can help you achieve lab-quality results.

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Thermo Scientific featured mining sample preparation tools

Direct Rock Sampler Kit
Direct Rock Sampler Kit

Perform a spatially resolved, quantitative rock-face analysis in minutes. The Direct Rock Sampler uses special diamond cutting blades to generate a sample by cutting slots, or even making a line cut, on a rock face or drill cores. The powder is collected in a sample tube and can then be cupped or pelletized for XRF analysis. The device can be attached to an AC or DC powered commercial angle grinder.

Electric Hammer Mill Kit
Electric Hammer Mill Kit

Reduce rock samples to a homogenized, fine powder in just seconds. Featuring the first 12VDC powered mill on the market, this powerful yet lightweight device delivers. This mill includes a “Crusher Tool” to reduce the size of larger rocks and connectors for powering the mill directly from the battery posts on your field vehicle.

Pellet Press
Pellet Press

Produce solid powder tablets without binder with just one hammer stroke. With less than 5 grams of sample, the Pellet Press generates material with a consistent flat surface and density, which minimizes matrix effects. This press doesn’t require sample film, which reduces light element performance.

Featured rock sample collection and preparation video

Sample Preparation Tools

See how Thermo Scientific Sample Collection and Preparation Tools continue the tradition of bringing the lab to the field.

Featured portable XRF analyzer accessories

A range of Thermo Scientific Niton accessories are available to make sample collection even easier.

Niton soil guard
Niton XL5 Plus Mini Test Stand

A hands-free method to analyze samples. Contains a lightweight collapsible tripod and sample chamber enabling users to easily transport this hands-free alternative to various locations. Use with Thermo Scientific NitonConnect software to analyze samples from the comfort of your computer.  

Niton XL5 Plus Soil Guard

Protect your analyzer from dirt and dust. Simply clip this component onto the front of your analyzer for added protection when conducting soil analysis.

Niton XL5 Plus Hot Swap Smart Battery

Purchase extra batteries so you can hot swap them out in less than 10 seconds without powering down the analyzer. A fully charged battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous use.

Niton portable test stands
Niton Portable Test Stands (Niton XL5 Plus, Niton XL3, Niton XL2)

We offer a selection of field-rugged test stands to accommodate a variety of samples including everything from powders and liquids to cups, pellets and direct rock samples. Folds down for transport and allows for hands-free measurement of samples. Fully shielded to protect operator from primary or scattered radiation. Use with included NitonConnect software for "remote" control, data display and download via PC connection cable, or optional Bluetooth connection.   

extend a pole
Thermo Scientific Extend-a-Pole (Niton XL3, Niton XL2)

Telescoping extension pole with analyzer cradle offers remote trigger activation; also features folding bi-pod supports to facilitate in-situ testing while standing upright.

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