Bridge time and space with digital tools and resources to help build and optimize the operation of your laboratory.

Simplify laboratory processes and accelerate your scientific discovery with LERN's convenient virtual access to innovative scientific products, lab productivity tools, and comprehensive support.

Immersive Lab

Immersive lab 2021

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  • Comprehensive inventory of scientific equipment, instruments, plasticware and accessories that are fundamental to laboratory operation
  • Convenient online format easily allows the entire team to assemble, learn, and explore solutions together often in a single session.
  • Access live support from local team members and subject matter experts from around the globe.
  • Professional film crew and state-of-the-art studio for a high quality production and experience

3D tools

TSX ULT 3D tour

Save time and resources by utilizing this digital toolkit to bring lab products to life in a 360° digital format for easy selection and lab configuration.

Workflow Solutions
  • Find helpful tips on experimental design, core products and services, and critical resources to assist in your scientific application.
  • Build your solution list and reach out to our team of experts to help you along the way. 
3D Product Tours
  • Help identify and configure the best product to meet your needs with life-like 3D product tours and calculator.
  • See lab equipment and instruments in 360°, view the interior, see how it works through animations, and gain helpful facts through hotspots.
Lab Design
  • Save time and resources by configuring your laboratory before you make your purchase.
  • Ensure physical fit, function, and flow by viewing instantly in 3D, Augmented Reality, or Virtual Reality.
  • Conveniently collaborate with key stakeholders anywhere on the globe to build consensus quickly.
  • Mitigate the impact of change by providing a laboratory digital twin so that all stakeholders and lab personnel have a voice.
Optimize your cold storage space and minimize your footprint with the help of our calculators.
  • ULT energy and space optimization calculator: looking to trade-up to an energy and space efficient Ultra low temperature fleet? This calculator will help you optimize your freezer solutions to fit your facility and provide a report to start your business case. 
  • Vaccine/internal capacity calculator: Optimize your cold storage internal capacity to do more with your precious space.  Whether your storing COVID-19 vaccine or other products, we have a solution to provide the optimal configuration. This calculator covers the temperature spectrum from + 5°C to -80°C. 

Virtual hub


View the latest products, support, applications, and trends that impact your science at LERN virtual hub. The virtual hub features live and on-demand events to help you stay in touch with thought leaders in the community.

Ask an expert: Webinars and panel talks with live Q&A and networking
Innovation Spotlight: check out “what’s new” as we profile new products or services that uniquely address the latest scientific challenges.
Support Sessions:
  • Learn “how to” optimize product performance and longevity
  • “Box to bench” series of unpacking and installation videos
Solution Center: 360° interactive virtual event space that brings together laboratory trends in future lab, a look at how products are made, virtual workflows and showrooms, as well as the accelerate science workshop. Watch for special curated content journeys and special activities throughout the year.

How to access:

  • Log in
  • Browse titles by session date, or application track
  • Click ‘watch now’ for viewing on-demand videos
  • Click ‘add to calendar’ for future sessions that you don’t want to miss


Join us for the upcoming LERN educational virtual events. Sign up and log in to add the sessions of interest to your calendar. We look forward to meeting you there!

Laboratory essentials for everyday productivity

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

11:30 – 3:30 ET

Clinical Essentials Spotlight

October 27, 2021

11:45 – 2:45 ET

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