Data Analysis and Storage Solutions

Data storage, security, and analysis

For your increasingly complex data storage and analysis requirements, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers database management and data analysis solutions that can be configured to suit your needs and budget. Our specialists can also assist with troubleshooting, training, and experimental design.

Share, store, and back up all of the data in your lab

Thermo Fisher Connect

Thermo Fisher Connect is an integrated ecosystem of cloud-based tools that enable you to upload and analyze data faster, monitor instruments and runs remotely, store large data sets securely, and collaborate with team members. Browse free solutions and get started with 10GB of free storage.

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Next-generation sequencing (NGS) data storage solutions and analysis services

Torrent Storage Device

The Torrent Storage™ Device is designed for onsite data storage and organization. Offering fast and direct data transfer (network independent), and individual disk failure tolerance to prevent data loss, it's the custom data storage solution that allows you to expand as you need.

Torrent Cluster System

The Torrent Cluster™ System is designed for high-throughput labs that need powerful on-premise data analysis and storage. Fully customizable, our bioinformatics and high-performance computing (HPC) teams design, configure, verify, install, and support your system.

Bioinformatics Data Analysis Services

Application-specific data analysis tailored to your needs, including exome, transcriptome, microbial, whole-genome, and Ion AmpliSeq™ targeted sequencing.

Bioinformatics Consulting Services

Our consulting services include experimental design, custom Ion AmpliSeq™ panel design, Torrent Variant Caller optimization, and more.

Bioinformatics Training

Enhance your expertise with bioinformatics training for Ion Torrent™ sequencers including options for on-site training, live online training courses, and self-paced, prerecorded webinars.

IT Professional Services

Our specialists can help you expand your capabilities in the areas of computational infrastructure, storage, and networking solutions; implementation and troubleshooting, as well as Linux™ operating system support

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