laboratory informatics global partner alliance

As a leader in laboratory informatics, we work with a strong network of partners—enabling our customers to obtain maximum value from their investments in our solutions. The Global Partner Alliance is designed to help you grow your revenues by leveraging the success that Thermo Scientific™ informatics solutions have had over the past 25 years. Our installed base of customers is large and growing, creating many opportunities for building beneficial three-way relationships between our company, our partners, and our mutual customers.

Membership brings you access to exclusive benefits that will help you better serve your customers, including:

  • Assigned "partner manager"
  • 24x7 online access to sales, marketing, and support resources through our exclusive partner portal
  • Greater market exposure and expanded business opportunities
  • Joint sales and marketing initiatives around the world
  • Technical training on Thermo Scientific products and services
  • Access to licensed informatics products
  • Regular communications and webinars with technical and commercial information, product updates, success stories, and other company news
  • Invitations to participate at reduced rates in our customer events

How do I become a partner?

Sales and service partners
Sales and service partners resell licenses and provide implementation consultancy and support for Thermo Scientific products in key vertical and geographic markets. Becoming a sales and service partner requires a significant commitment from the partner, with investments in staffing, training, and local marketing. In turn, we support partners to the highest level, and they operate as an extension of our direct sales and service organizations.

Consulting partners
Consulting partners do not resell Thermo Scientific products but do provide business process consulting, technology services, implementation, validation, or outsourcing services. We recognize that some consulting partners may also provide services for other vendors' products, but we aim to respect the vendor independent services business model.

OEM partners
OEM partners bundle Thermo Scientific products with their own hardware or software products to provide a complete solution for targeted markets. The OEM business model is very important to Thermo Fisher Scientific, and even though some of our OEM partners may produce products that ultimately compete with other Thermo Scientific branded products, we still provide the same high level of technical and commercial support, and where required, will allow end user customer details to be kept confidential to the OEM.

Technology partners
Technology partners are selected hardware and software vendors of complementary products as well as suppliers of platform technology on which we build our solution. Working with the leader in the industry means high market visibility as well as a large addressable user base.

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