LIMS for Bioanalytical Testing and Drug Discovery Labs

Resources for bioanalytical drug discovery labs

Like all other commercial and academic labs alike, bioanalytical drug development groups are looking for ways to ease the data deluge facing them and improve the security, communication, and compliance of the data they produce. By implementing a Thermo Scientific LIMS solution, bioanalytical drug discovery labs will experience a greatly simplified workflow and improved accuracy of results and reporting, which will result in significant time and cost savings, enabling them to bring their therapeutics to market faster.

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Facilitating efficient study design and data transfer

Bioanalysis is an integral part of clinical and pre-clinical drug development. Efficient assay validation, bioanalysis of samples, sample tracking, and reporting of results are key steps in progressing a compound through R&D activities and into regulatory submission. To meet today’s demanding research requirements, which call for faster identification of non-viable compounds as part of the overall effort to reduce costs associated with drug development, bioanalytical laboratories need to rely on state-of-the-art informatics solutions that deliver the following:

  • Flexibility for unique study design
  • Workflow and reporting preconfigured for regulatory compliance with GLP and 21 CFR Part 11
  • Integration of systems that allow for data transfer among research teams
  • Accelerated sample turnaround for cost reduction in sample handling
  • Improved operational efficiencies

Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS includes key functionality specific to the bioanalytical laboratory, including flexible protocol-based study design, assay/method standardization and management, integrated sample tracking and a configurable re-assay decision tree. Watson LIMS includes more than 70 built-in interfaces to LC/MS, HPLC, ELISA, RIA, ICP/MS, multiplex and other instruments. Watson also supports a wide range of pharmacokinetic/toxicokinetic calculations. The acknowledged standard for bioanalytical LIMS, Watson LIMS delivers efficient study design and data transfer between researchers, enabling the lab to benefit from improved operational efficiency.

Featured video

Chad Briscoe of PRA Health Sciences discusses why they chose Watson LIMS to overcome data challenges in regulated bioanalysis.