Lab tech uses LIMS software in a forensic lab

Understanding the challenges
of forensic testing

For forensic testing laboratories, managing your test and sample data can present a significant challenge. Forensic facilities employ stringent sample collection and storage protocols to ensure chain of custody and minimize the potential for degradation. While flexibility is critical, so is the ability to comply with stringent regulations, including the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB) and ISO 17025. How can your lab ensure secure, traceable, defensible data that complies with quality and regulatory controls across a variety of materials and test protocols?

Ensure data integrity and chain of custody

Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS software manages the complete forensic testing process to help ensure traceability and certainty of results.

  • Helps ensure quality results and repeatability through controlled process execution
  • Demonstrate fully compliant data integrity lifecycles
  • Confirm resource suitability through in-process checks to ensure compliance to ISO 17025
  • Tracks chain of custody from receipt through archival
  • Connect directly to instruments and equipment to eliminate transcription errors
  • Manage a variety of complicated data types for DNA, ballistics, chemical testing and more

Key benefits of SampleManager LIMS software in forensic
testing laboratories

Using SampleManager LIMS software, your lab can achieve:

  • Complete traceability of all data and samples
  • Successful integration to instruments and systems (internal and external)
  • Visibility into who did what, when, and why providing a full audit trail
  • Easy retrieval of data for regulatory or legal purposes
  • Intuitive system functionality supporting workflow management
  • Guidance from LIMS professionals with expertise in standard industry guidelines and regulations
  • Informed decision making and efficient project planning

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