lab scene within Operation Organoid VR game

Start culturing in a new dimension

Download “Operation Organoid,” the virtual reality (VR) training game

In this virtual reality experience, follow the story as Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world leader in serving science, presents a game where you can join forces with top-secret research and development specialists to restore labs that have been contaminated from bad organoid cultures. In this immersive 3D VR game that’s both fun and informative, you can:

  • Learn how to identify good and bad organoid cultures in three detailed training briefs
  • Learn to recognize different characteristics of 3D cultures, from iPSCs to fully formed organoids and spheroids
  • Eliminate bad organoid cultures using your advanced “pipette blaster”
  • Share you score with friends, colleagues and followers on social media!
  • Help save the world from mutated cultures

Download the game and start today!

Learn more about how Thermo Fisher Scientific scientists are using innovative techniques to approach 3D research at

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