Heratherm Refrigerated Incubator
Refrigerated incubators for reliable temperature environments

With no harmful refrigerants and the use of Peltier technology, Heratherm units are energy efficient while maintaining the precise temperatures you need. Ideal for testing in Pharma, Food, Cosmetics and Microbiology labs. Learn about the benefits of energy savings in your lab for refrigerated incubation.

*Based on testing with compressor unit BK6160.

The Precision and Thermo Scientific lines of Refrigerated Incubators offer conventional compressor technology with electrical heating elements for reproducible results. Ideal for Academia, Waste water, Microbiology labs.

Experience up to 84% energy savings when using Heratherm refrigerated incubators with Peltier technology compared to traditional compressor units. Download the fact sheet ›

Energy savings chart

  *Based on testing with compressor unit BK6160.
**Based on testing with compressor unit Precision 815.

Unbox a Heratherm Refrigerated Incubator

Watch an unboxing of the Heratherm IMP400 Refrigerated Incubator. See how easy it is to take the incubator from its crate into position in your lab, and how to get up and running.