All-in-one solution advances diagnostic performance like no other

An advanced and flexible water quality monitoring solution that leverages a single platform for optical or electrode-based measurements. Designed with reliability and performance in mind, the Thermo Scientific Orion 8000 Series Analyzer Platform delivers maximum uptime and optimized chemistry for reduced waste and lower cost of ownership. It incorporates multiple measurement technologies and parameters that operate through a modern touchscreen interface using common electronics and parts. Ready to learn more? Contact us to speak with a member from our team








With a large 7-inch, high-resolution color touchscreen, the platform delivers a consistent  user experience that translates to higher productivity and the ability to use multiple analyzers on the platform with minimal training.
Common electronics and parts simplify stock management of equipment, consumables and accessories, and ensure supply on-demand.
Built-in predictive diagnostics and preventive maintenance schedules help ensure long-term, continuous operation of the analyzer with maximum uptime.
Minimizes the volume of waste solution generated: the platform drives cost savings due to low reagent consumption and chemical waste generation.
Each analyzer is optimized for the measurement of a single parameter through an accurate fluid delivery and quantification system translating to superior performance. 
Robust and reliable, these analyzers deliver low maintenance and long reagent life, which improves productivity.
Built at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with automated test stands enables high quality and performance.

Browse Parameters for Orion 8000 Series Analyzer

Ammonia is used in municipal treatment systems to prolong the effectiveness of disinfection chlorine added to water. Excess amounts of ammonia can introduce negative consequences and levels as low as 0.1 mg/L can impact marine creatures. Using the Thermo Scientific Orion 8010cX Process Ammonia Analyzer, ammonia can be measured in surface and wastewater applications to ensure regulatory compliance during discharge and water treatment activity.

Boiler water and ultrapure water are used in a variety of industries, including power, oil & gas, chemical production, pulp & paper, and semiconductor manufacturing. Silica is present in all water sources, and in excess can impact the health and productivity of essential assets. Even trace levels of silica can lead to buildup on turbine blades, heat exchangers, and boilers, necessitating costly and difficult cleaning procedures.

Continuous silica analysis is required for the identification of reverse osmosis (RO) breakdown and saturation of ion exchange resins. When excess silica is introduced, thermal efficiencies are reduced by limiting the transfer of heat throughout steam passageways. Uneven silica deposition may also cause vibration problems resulting in imbalanced aerodynamics for turbine rotors. Silica analysis is vital for all operations that rely on the use of boiler water or ultrapure water. Using the Thermo Scientific Orion 8030cX Silica Analyzer, users can obtain accurate online monitoring of reactive silica to confidently implement chemistry adjustments and safeguard plant assets.