Module 1: Fundamentals of real-time PCR

Access an overview of real-time PCR instrument choices and learn how real-time PCR differs from endpoint PCR. How can you use real-time PCR in your research? What is the difference between TaqMan® chemistry and SYBR® Green chemistry?

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Module 2: Assay design choices

What should you consider when planning your gene expression assays? What is the impact of multitranscript assays and assay specificity? How do you design custom assays?

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Module 3: Normalization

What is normalization and why is it important? What are the types of normalizers and what are their functions? How does multigene normalization work?

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Module 4: Multiplexing

What is multiplexing, and when and how do you use it?

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Module 5: Reagent choices

Discussion topics include setting up your real-time PCR reaction, and preparing master mixes and reagents for plate additions.

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Module 6: Theory of analysis

Perform dynamic range testing with standard curves, quantify your data using the ΔΔCt method, and gain a better understanding of absolute vs. relative quantification.

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