Using TaqMan® Assays
to Measure Gene Expression

Increase your knowledge of real-time PCR and gain a better understanding of how to use TaqMan® Assays to measure gene expression.

Watch the videos below to learn about:

  • How TaqMan® chemistry works
  • Real-time PCR applications
  • The phases of real-time PCR
  • How to improve the sensitivity of your real-time PCR assays

How Taqman® chemistry works
How Taqman® Works
Real-time PCR applications
Real-time PCR Applications video
Importance of PCR phases to real-time data
Importance of PCR Phases to Real-Time Data
How to improve real-time PCR reaction sensitivity
IMproving PCR reaction sensitivity

Introduction to Gene Expression: Getting Started Guide

Visit our online Introduction to Gene Expression: Getting Started Guide. It is packed with reference information that can help you understand how to measure gene expression using real-time PCR analysis.

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