Diomni Enterprise Software

Empowering your lab in this new era of digitalized workflows

Applied Biosystems Diomni Enterprise Software is an on-premise workflow solution that connects all steps in your real-time PCR (qPCR) workflows in one single ecosystem.

One connection

Diomni Enterprise Software combines instruments, assays, and consumables to streamline your workflow from samples to results and lets you optimize the utilization of your QuantStudio instruments with the scalability to expand your test menu at any time.

One interface

Flexible, multimode workspaces enable labs to use a single, intuitive user interface no matter the task, from performing routine testing to using test development tools. The assay development file (ADF) workflow provides a consistent user experience, and laboratory information system (LIS/LIMS) integration may reduce time-to-results.

One workflow

Extraction, assay selection, testing, analysis, quality control (QC), and interpretive reporting are all integrated in a seamless, end-to-end workflow that helps improve efficiency while reducing the potential for human error from manual steps, reducing turnaround time with results in approximately three hours.

In this new era of digitalized workflows, Diomni Enterprise Software powerfully connects the components of your lab’s qPCR system in one single, easy-to-use solution.


That’s the power of one.